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To understand what we need to change, we have to see through the smoke and mirrors of the fitness and nutrition industry.

First, the foods that have become staples of our modern diet are the foods setting us back. These foods arent really nutrient rich and contain little or no value. Also, the current blocks of most plates are outdated and contribute to the obesity epidemic.

In order to make improvements in your lifestyle, health, and fitness levels, you have to eliminate processed foods from your life and fuel your body with real nutrient rich foods.

We have been tricked into accepting processed, unreal foods as healthy options.

If you got your meal from a drive through or open a bag or box to access your dinner, chances are it isnt food.

You have see through the nice colorful packaging and the advertisement techniques, Don’t be fooled and dive in the pitfalls of industry and advertising. "Foods that can sit on the shelf of a grocery store month after month without spoiling, are dead. Think about what has gone into a food to transform it from perishable to nonperishable. Not only do these foods lack real nutritional value, they contain harmful chemicals and toxins that are harmful to your body." (, eating guide)

I think it’s clear that highly refined, processes foods that have been altered from their natural state are not metabolized optimally by our bodies.

These foods enter our bodies resulting in a hormonal reaction, this hormonal reaction differs from one type of food to the other.... I recommend you stay away from the following:

1- simple Sugars and refined carb sources: Simple sugars are you're number one enemy during your quest for a healthy nutritional life style... Insulin in pre-world war Austrian and German studies was classified as a fat storing hormone, if you want to make a person fat, give them insulin. The only nutrient that effects the secretion of insulin is carbohydrates. Simple sugars and refined carbohydrates in specific cause a spike in insulin secretion, which eventually causes increased fat storage. (Stated simply without bringing in all the complicated scientific language)

2- grains and wheat....

We often read about the many health benefits of oats, wheat and wheat products, all the previous foods are off boundaries when you decide on going primal. The main reason is that these foods contain gluten, which is a form of protein that cannot be digested by our bodies leading to an anti immune response by the body, causing a deep seeded inflammation. Which could be one of the reasons why some of us feel sluggish and tiered, and many complain from a slowing down metabolism.

My idea of eating healthy isn't really based on a radical or complicated route to nutrition, my take on a diet is the elimination of all the processed refined foods by swapping in healthy options such as protein, veggies and fruits.

Stay fit nation

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