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Hey guys, I know I usually try to my best to write scary tales on here but today I have something which has effected my laptop and Iphone in my home, which is why I haven't been writing as much recently. At first I thought it was a computer virus and in my area I am very lucky, as we have many great computer shops which deal with computer/laptop viruses. My laptop is really new so for it to already have a virus, was quite disappointing and oh yeah; for those of you who are not aware of my writing; I have terrible grammar so please bear with me.

It all started when I had thought up of another creepy pasta idea and I am also quite well known for thinking up crazy ideas but most people still tend to dis-like them, any how as I tried to write it down my laptop turned into a white screen and with the sentence 'please no more scary tales and no more listening to scary stories on YouTube. It scares me.' and I tried my best deleting what ever it is that has happened to my screen and I got it back to the creepy pasta reddit page after an hour. I thought that I should turn off my laptop for a bit and when I got back into it and onto the creepy pasta reddit page, the same thing happened with my laptop turning into a white screen with the sentence 'why do you write so many creepy tales they scare me' and whenever I tried going onto YouTube to listen to a narration of a creepy tale, my laptop would turn to a white screen with the sentence 'please don't listen to any more creepy tales it scares me' and that's when I decided to get it checked.

I went to a computer shop which fixes all laptops, computers and other electrical devices like iPhones, I explained what was going on and the guy gave me a strange look. I told him that all I do with my laptop is write creepy pastas and listen to creepy tale narrations on YouTube and I reassured him that I don't go on any illegal or virus effected sites. After a two days of checking with what's wrong with my laptop, the computer shop keeper couldn't find anything wrong with it, well he couldn't find any viruses but he did say to me as he was checking through the screen did go to a all white screen a couple of times with sentences like 'please don't send me back I am scared' and 'please computer shop keeper, don't send me back' and I didn't know what to say to the computer shop keeper, it was quite embarrassing and I got my laptop back.

I decided not to use my laptop and leave it somewhere for a long time hoping it will get better on its own, I decided to just use my IPhone and I tend to only use my IPhone for listening to creepypastas as well and write them and as you can tell I don't have much friends or much of a social life. Then that's when things got even more irritating, my IPhone started going to a blank screen and started having sentences like 'please don't write or listen to anymore creepy tales, they scare me' and pretty much the same thing happened with the IPhone. I took my laptop and IPhone to every other computer electrical device shop that I could find and even the big named ones like the apple shop, but the same happened with every computer electrical shop that I took it; with both my IPhone and laptop begging not to come back to my home.

Then it got even more irritating as I couldn't even switch my IPhone or laptop off, when I do try my best to switch them off or even where there is no battery life left; it would go to a blank screen with the sentence 'I am to scared to switch off because of all those creep stories you write and listen to' and here I am now using the rubbish old computer library, anyone have any advice for me

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