Hostel Life

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Someone said true that hostel is 2nd home for the students who came from the several cities for the education in the institutes. In the hostels all rich and middle class students are equally because they eat the same male and live together like a family. They should respect always each other because they are living without their families in the hostels and they should share their thinking and happiness always each other.


Their many ways for the hostelize students that how they can adopt hostel life like they are free from the parents in the hostels’ where they can go easily each place even they can smoke with comfortable.


But they should always care about their families because their parents have many expectation about them so hostalize students should awake a good spirit and tolerance for the other friends and always care each other and don't fight them because in the long time of hostel life you have a relation with each other.


They should adopt good habits from the other friends which will helpful in the future.


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