Housewives are effective managers

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In any questionnaire or any official documents when stated about the occupation of women, if a married woman is not working anywhere, the customary is to fill as House wife. To think differently, qualms crop up in our mind. A House wife does not work? Sounds funny, right? Does it mean she is not operational or effective enough? To position it sturdily she is the most precious and valued member a family composes off. She is binding force of every member of the family. She adeptly listens to your worries, providing you with solutions. She herself makes compromises to make your happy and peaceful. She makes the house as a temple of worship for you to return back every day from work to relax and gain energy for the next day. If she was not working and performing her duties nothing would have come on track and be systematic.

Housewives are the best examples of how effective management and leadership involve creative problem solving, motivating the surroundings and making sure her temple of worship accomplishes the objectives and goals targeted. All the five management functions like planning (like buying grocery and many other things); organising (arranging the right thing at the right place) ;staffing ( the domestic help); Coordinating ( liaison with all members of the family ) and controlling. They are the sensible CEO of the house.

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