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The main function of the concealer is to balance skin discoloration that occur in sensitive areas of the face. Concealers occur in different shades which is suitable for different skin tone. concealer also occur in different structures each performing the same functions. There are some concealers whose purpose are mainly to correct discolorations of the skin

Now we shall talk about the different structures of concealer which are available for individual use

1. Creamy liquid concealer 

2. Ultra matte fluid concealer 

3. Stick concealer 

4. Matte finish liquid concealer 

5. Cream concealer 


a) Creamy liquid concealer:

Creamy liquid concealer comes in thin tubes,the tubes maybe either long or short. They pocess little wands to help in the application of the concealer.

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2. Ultra matte fluid concealer:

Ultra matte fluid concealer comes in press tubes, with a wand to help in the application of the concealer 

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3.Stick concealers :

Stick concealers comes in tubes similar to lipstick structures 

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4. Cream concealer:

Cream concealers comes in pot like structures, they may have a dry and thick surface which is smooth and rich in the surface.

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As mentioned earlier,there are some concealers whose main purpose is to correct major skin discoloration. I am going to talk about the major concealer whose function is to correct major skin discoloration.

1. Green concealers:

 Green concealers are used to correct red zits or acnes.

2. Purple concealers:

 Purple concealers minimizes yellow spots.

3. Orange concealers:

Orange concealers removes  blue dark circles.

4. Pink concealers:

Pink concealers are for people with light skin and are used to correct undereye dark circles.

5. Yellow concealers:

Yellow concealers are used to correct dark purple bruises,veins and undereye circles.

Briefly this chat would shed more light on the concealer correctors.

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Although concealer and correctors perform similar functions, they should not be mistaken for one another because if used in place of one another,the effects maynot be similar. There is a major difference between the concealer and the concealer correctors. The difference is that a concealer is lighter and smoother than a corrector. A corrector is heavier and can come in different forms. They maybe in liquid,cream or powder forms.

Concealer mistakes 

1. Concealers applied should be two shades lighter than your skin tone.

2. Prep your face properly before using a concealer corrector.

3. Concealers should be applied after the foundation.

4. Concealer correctors should be applied before the foundation.

5. Apply the concealer in a triangular pattern from the undereye to the  nose. The concealer can be blended to the end of the face this can make a lean face appear wider. The concealer should also be applied in the forehead, the bridge of the nose , below the contour line and before the lips,on the cupids bone.


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6. Dab a little translucent powder over the concealer to set it and make it las longer. This is also known as baking.

7. The concealer should be blended properly using a damp beauty blender to avoid any harsh lines.

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 8.Using the wrong concealer for dark under eye circles.

9.Relying on your fingers alone

Fingers are not the best equipment used for concealing.The fingers are not enough to target the dark circles thus creating an illusion of an oblivious hallow make-up around that area.A brush with a pointed tip will let you deposit the concealer and aids blending.

10.Dont drag or smear the concealer 

Roughly dragging the Concealer over the face can smear the concealer and make the concealer break faster giving a harsh look. Rather the concealer should be applied should be pommed lightly over the skin using a beauty blender.

11. Apply the concealer in the inner corners of the eyes not just underneath the eyes 

12.Avoid using the concealer past the small line of the face as this would enhance crow feet.

13. An oil absorbing setting powder should be used after the application of the concealer 

Little powder should be applied after the concealer to absorb oil and give a finishing glow. The setting powder should be left on the face for some time to properly absorb the excess oil and  blur fine lines which can be seen under the eyes. The setting powder can be wiped out with a fluffy brush to give a dry skin and a glow.

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14. The concealer should be properly set around the nose area because the concealer tends to come off easily maybe because of sweat or allergies. In the winter, the nose area should be properly moisturized to keep the dry spot and flaking in check.


Scars acquired may be raised or flat. The structure of the the scar should be properly accessed if it's raised or flat. This would determine the kind of concealer used. Concealers are used for different purposes. For a raised scar, a Creamy light weight concealer should be used For flat scars,a thicker more matte concealer should be used.

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