How to make home videos in a professional way (Tutorial Pt.1)

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Everybody daydreams about making home videos which can attract the common people. So here are a few tips on how you can do it.

  1. Buy a camera :P (a DSLR would be nice - buy the Canon 600D)
  2. Buy a tripod (a fluid head one)
  3. Have a video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows / FCP for MAC)
  4. Know your subject that you got to shoot
  5. Shoot with the camera in manual focus mode, so that you can shift focus on your free will.
  6. Hold the lens from underneath with the left hand and the right hand must be holding the camera grip. This method is very effective for lessening the camera shake.
  7. Try interesting angles, specially places from where a person doesn't see things.
  8. While editing take care of the fonts you use. They must look professional. Don't add too much colour to fonts or any other effects. Keep it simple. Remember, simplicity is what the common man is attracted to as long as the subject is interesting.

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I am an independent Filmmaker. I also love being a session guitarist when opportunity knocks. Among my other interests are photography and singing.

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