How to take a good photo

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Art has been developed very well in the last century; it is an activity or a product which is created by human. People have been working hard to create new artistic works; they have promoted art in the field of painting, dance, music, photography, film and so on. One of these artistic works is taking photo. The word photography is based on a Greek word. It contains two words, photo which means light and graph which means drawing and the word photography means drawing with light. By working hard, people find taking photos is an interesting activity and to have a good and creative work there are some steps to be followed.

The first step is to check the equipment for photographing. The most important one is a camera. Although people are accustomed to take photos with their cell phones, the result will be a photo with low quality. A Camera is made for taking photo; it helps people in the better way than their cell phones with less variety of options. There are different kinds of cameras with high and low quality for images; the quality of the photo belongs to the pixel of the camera. The word pixel is derived from the words Picture Element; it is a small element of an image. When all the pixels are combined together, they make an image. A Picture quality increases as the number of pixels increase in a measured area of an image; a camera with 12 pixels is better than a camera with 8 pixels quality. So, when the camera is prepared and determined with its quality; it is important to check the batteries. There always should be an extra battery, in case one battery dies next can be used. Also check for memory; some cameras have memory to record but some do not, so it is necessary to have a memory card and also some extra. Because, a photographer will take many photos while taking photo and the memory or memory card will be full; an extra memory card can help you not to miss any good shot. When the equipment like, camera, battery, memory card and extra stick cheap are checked and prepared, put them in their covers to protect them from any damages and get ready for the next step.

The second step is the object which will be photographed. After having a camera, the object is very important. It should be clear what your aim is behind taking the photos; because, when your aim is clear, you will go for it and try your best to take a shot which tells your aim; it also increase the beauty of the photos; for example, by taking a shot of Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, which is a portrait photo; the aim can be to show a political character of a country. Another example is a shot of Moharam, it is a religious ceremony; there had happened a suicide attack and many people were killed. This shot was taken by Masoud Hossaini a famous Afghan photographer in Afghanistan; it was photo journalism that indicated news and events. So, there are different kinds of photos with different kinds of stories and aims that by having an obvious picture in mind, the photo will be more meaningful.

The third step is to check the camera setting. The object which you are looking for might be in any situation that a camera offers many kinds of settings for any condition; for example, if your object is in a dark place, you can use an option by the name of flash which can be on or off in camera setting. Flash means to produce light. Furthermore zoom in and zoom out are also some options to be used. People try their best not to use zoom in and zoom out if possible; because, this option decrease the quality of the photos, instead they try to approach themselves to the object. Also, when one photo is taken, check it out if the light is fair enough, if not, take another shot by changing the white balance option, this option provides different kinds of light for different situations; for example, if it is a rainy day, by choosing the option of rainy day in white balance section, there will be more light and the photos will look better. Therefore, camera setting is an important part of photographing that helps the photo to be more beautiful.

The last step is the usage of a creative way to increase the beauty of the photos. A creative way causes your photos to be more interesting and beautiful; for example, by trying high or low angle the photos will look more amazing. High or low angle mean to take photos from bottom or up of the object. Next example is to take the reflection of something with the object which was reflected. Also to find a natural frame for the object is a creative way, such as taking the Darulaman palace photo from a wall whole that surrounds it; the wall whole looks like a frame for the object (Darulaman palace) and the frame makes it more interesting. Another way is to change some setting options; for example, if the camera is in front of the sun and you take the shot, the photo will be dark; however, by using flash option, especially if this photo will be taken from back of a man skiing on snow, the man will be dark and sun light will be taken like lines of light. There are different kinds of way to take creative photos and make them more wonderful but it needs to think and practice.

Photography is an interesting work; by more attention, people can create artistic and beautiful product with a huge meaning behind it. A good photo can be taken after checking the equipment like: camera, battery, memory card and also to find a good object with an aim behind, setting of the camera and the last one, utilizing a creative way are the processes for taking a good photo. By following these steps, I as a photographer have taken beautiful photos in my career.

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