Huanshi / MyIdol App New Obssession of Netizens (Chinese App)

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In the US App Store , Huanshi is called MyIdol

       Though it is the only English word in this app (because it is still in Chinese), still many people uses this tricky app and most of them are saying that the confusion is all part of the fun, yeah.

        About this mobile app, this will turn your image into a 3d/ cartoonized moving or dancing avatar. I got so very interested with this cute chinese app that made me look for the downloader all over the internet.
         I just knew this app in GMA chika minute news. Got interested so I checked google app right away but sad to say, the said app is hard to find (5 months ago - can't find the free downloader easily). So I consumed a couple of hours just to find the Chinese app that time.

         Yes, I'm really eager to find it, It looks really fun when I saw it in the news. How come people could use it if even if it's really hard to find for the downloader of this app.
        And when I saw it I didn't notice that I'm enjoying the app for more than an hour already and it drained my phone .=( 
The main concept of Huanshi/MyIdol is making or creating hilarious animated avatars, making crazy videos of your avatar performing, dancing, singing, or acting and customizing it and checking their selfies. 
          Check this Out! First, you need to take selfie that will scan by the app and the result will be your 3D animated avatar. If it doesn't look similar to you at the beginning, don't panic it's just a default wardrobe and hairstyle. You can still customize it.
          Here's my cute avatar with red lips, red hair bow, red tattoo on the forehead, slimmer and cute face with Chinese style make up and red shades. I find this white sweater with wide neck cute with this tattered denim short and instead of slipper, i choose this knee level boots. I don't wear this kind of get ups in real life that's why I'm trying it on my avatar. Looks cute isn't it?
          So, you're now interested? Just scroll down and let me guide you in case you still have doubt what to click to turn your avatar like this =).
                     You can adjust how old your avatar is. I mean you can make your avatar look younger or older. You can also change hair style,  outfit , footwear, color of your eyes, complexion, and you can make your short movie clip on this app. The order of the menu buttons from left to right is as follows:1.customization, 2.videos, 3. selfies, and 4.GIFs. When you tap the clothing button/customization of avatar, this first image will appear in your screen.See image below.

 A. How to Customize your Avatar

                                                         To customize your avatar, you need to tap the customize button at the main menu (four buttons)see Image above. Tap the first button.

1st button: (Under Clothing or customization) 

                                  - Those grey dots will adjust the image of your avatar from younger to older look. I bet you'll look more cute with a younger age and look hilarious with older age. Try it.

2nd button: (Under Clothing or customization)

                                  -  The first, second and third line is where you can adjust the color how fair or dark the complexion is and it's where you  can adjust how slim or wide the face. That turned out like it doesn't look like me anymore. Too fair and slim face with a chinese eyes because of the make up that i chose when i customized it.

1st and 2nd Image

3rd button: (Under Clothing or customization)

                                  - This is where you can change the hair style of your avatar. At this stage, customizing your avatar, I'm telling you, you'll take less than an hour to finish your avatar due to trying on all styles. But you'll never notice it when your enjoying the app already.

4th button: (Under Clothing or customization)

                                  -    This where you can choose the shades you want for your avatar to wear. So many shades to try on. Ooopps make sure your battery is full before I forget  to tell you. You'll get addicted to this.

                There were so many options for your avatar to look more nice and unique. Just click all the navigators under customization button. Here's another one from this navigator. The footwear. Take your time choosing your right shoes honey.

And taaaadaaaaa!!!! 

Here's another look of my avatar





B. Videos

             The second button on the main menu is the VIDEO. It's the best section ever in MyIdol App. When you tap the video button, there will be more choices of videos you would love to try on  for your avatar. When you're done choosing the video you want, you can now download it, you just need to tap the first button below (the colorful flower like button). See image below.

And for you to share the video to your friends, click the green button on the lower right part.

            Addicted to it indeed. But easily drains your battery. And I don't care as long as I am having fun. Here are some videos of my avatar. MOst of their videos were funny and has the ability to dub songs with your own voice.



C. Avatar's GIFs

                                            The third button on the main menu is the GIF button. These are silent animations. Just tap the GIF button and several pages of your avatar's GIFs will appear. Just check it for yourself. Here's mine. ^.^ Showing some of the GIFs of my cute avatar =) One of my favorite is the one holding a gun XD.






D. Selfies

                                                 The fourth button on the main menu is the SELFIE button. Tap the selfie button and many pages of your avatar's selfie pics will pop out on your screens showing you lots of different pose. So kikay and so cute images. These are some of my avatar's selfie pics
Again if you want to download them, just tap the first button below (the colorful flower like button).



If you want to download the app, click here.

You just need to skip the adfly ad and you will be redirected in this page.

If you're using iPhone,Click iPhone.

If you're using android,Click Android .

Then click the gray button to download the app.


Enjoy!!! Have Fun!!!!




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