I Only Have 1 Month To Go

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For those who doesn't know, I am a 5th year graduating student taking up Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering. Graduation will be held on April 14,2015. That means I only have more than a month to interact with all of you. After my graduation, I'll be resting for a week and probably be able to roam around here for the last time. After that, I'll be living in Manila for my 6 months review. Yes, 6 months. :( Just the thought of it makes me go gaga! Haha!

I'll be taking my first ever board exam on October this year and there shall be no distractions during that 6 months review. Since the new Chairperson and board members have been elected, the licensure examination have been terribly difficult so I need to work hard on it to pass. 

I'll surely miss the fun here so I better make the most out of it while I'm still here! Let the countdown begin! *Sigh*


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