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Planning to change your house decoration concept? Looking for the suitable style that match your personality? In here I will share five interior design styles that quite popular nowadays, including the key point of each style. Enjoy.. ^_^


█ Coastal / Nautical
In simple term this design just likes bring the sea breeze to your home. Inspired by the coast or the ocean, the main purpose of this style is to create the "coastal chic" vibe by capture the impression of sea, boats and traveling ambiance. This type of style is suitable for people who like calm, comfortable, clean, and simple feeling while still nice and chic.

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█ Key Point:
Because the look is inspired by the ocean, the easiest way to identify it by using the "beach-theme" terms. In order to evoke a light and breezy feel, we could use the airy fabrics for window treatments and ocean-theme of accessories such as lighthouses and seashells. While for the color, the navy and white with gold accents  color palette is commonly used.

█ Some inspirations:
If you like to dig more inspirations about Coastal/Nautical Design, here some pictures (Image Source: Google), for your references - including my favorite part of the examples :)

Here some example for using Coastal/Nautical Design for your bedroom. Using white for the wall and adding the aqua color of the furniture to create ocean ambiance in this room. I love how they use the image of starfish as the design for the pillow, it suddenly brings the "sea" feel without using the actual items.


Playing with the navy color is the key to create the Coastal/Nautical Design like this one. They used the theme for the Kitchen. They combine navy and white color on furniture while adding some light blue on the wall. Just add one or two sea-theme items like the boat figures on the wall will help to create this design in your home.



If you prefer minimalist style but want to add the Coastal-touch on your interior, this one could be your choice for the Living Room Design. To bring the Ocean-theme just displays several items in the cupboard and use the light blue color on the wall with little accents of white for windows and doors.




One simple way to apply this style by using the furniture. Like the beach-type chair for this Dining Room Design. The blue pattern for the chair also evokes the ocean feel to this room. Another my favorite part is the way they use the wood element on this one to complement the white color of the furniture. Not just on the floor, they also add some dimensional effect on the wall.

For more example check this video

(Video Source: Youtube)


█ Bohemian
Bohemian concept come from 1800's and at first it used to name the people who live a certain lifestyle; vagabonds or wanderers. Usually it used to describe people who did not agree with the social and political views of that time. It's also appear when we talk about Bohemian Design. The key point of this style is "not stick to the rules like common things". The Bohemian Interior Design will bring random, busy, and full vibe to your house. This style is compatible for people who have a free spirit, carefree, and love thinking outside the box.

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█ Key Point:
Mostly, Bohemian Design use vibrant color, especially red and purple tone and play on layering the textiles. Several key points item like pillow, rugs, and tapestry is commonly used to create the warm feeling. No bare spot! Fill your space with paintings or figurines. The key point of it design is to carefully present a purposefully “messy” look.

█ Some inspirations:
Check out this pictures about Bohemian Interior Design, for your references - (Image Source: Google)

You can combine many styles with Bohemian since the core of this style is to express yourselves. Here some example for using Bohemian Design  for your Living Room with some Urban-touch. To bring the urban feel, they're added geometric design on one wall while using some key item to create the Bohemian look which is pillows with vibrant color.


Wanna use this design for your kitchen? Why not! You can take the this one as an inspiration. To create the "messy" look, they're displayed many kitchen tools like hanging it on the wall or put the on top of the cupboard. Other things that you could do is play with the pattern, like this example. To complement the white wall they're  added the wood pattern.


If you prefer softer style but want to add the Bohemian-touch on your interior, this could be your choices for the Living Room Design. You can get the Bohemian feel without vibrant color. Just give more attention to the decoration. Like the first picture. They've putted many frames to fill one wall and playing with the textile by layering the sofa with some fabric and using colorful knitting table-cloth  to make the room looks full.

While the second one could be your choice if you don't mind using the vibrant color like red or purple but not like the "messy" look. Using some pillows with red/purple pattern and cover the sofa with some textile with vibrant color. You could also hanging different shape of frames on the wall.

█ Industrial
This style will bring back the industrial era to your home. Usually this style is often to use in decorating the loft or old building to transform it into living space. But now, Industrial Interior Design is also popular for decorating traditional apartments or houses. Industrial style is related with unfinished look and focuses on combining raw and pretty rough surfaces with clean and flat surfaces. It's showcase every single thing that related to industry and fabrication. This concept often blended with minimalism style so it really suitable for those who love clean, sleek, masculine, hard edges, cold, minimal decor style of house.

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█ Key Point:
 To create this looks you need to build the illusion of an unfinished look by creating the rough surfaces. Simply by leaving some walls unfinished like exposed bricks, steel beams or columns, exposed concrete, unfinished wood, and stainless steel. Also by using metal, steel, and wood material for most furniture will bring the industrial atmosphere. For color palette, you should choose color of bright and bold colors, instead of warm and neutral color. Shades and tones of Gray mixed with white is the best choice to add a crisp, sleek and clean look.

█ Some Inspirations:
If you like to dig more inspirations about Industrial Interior Design, please check this video below to see several examples.

Video Source:  Eric Frensdorf @Youtube


█ Vintage
People tend to connect Vintage Style with the "old" terms. But this style not just anything that isn't quite new, but this style is focused to bring elegant time in history, classical, nostalgic and historical feel. Vintage interior design is about embracing the things of the past and enjoying them just as they are by repairing or refinishing them. This style came after the war era when people need to have a warm and comforting home. This theme is becoming the main concept of Vintage Design.

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█ Key Point:
Vintage interior design is all about creating a sense of charm and history through old eclectic pieces. To develop a vintage atmosphere, you could add the antiques, collectibles, and flea market finds items. Using the soft, light, and neutral tone color is the best choice for this style while combining it with some bold color to create some impact in your space. Keep in mind to avoid the bright color to prevent of loosing the classical feel. You can combine white or off white with some soft and pale color in the color palette. Sideboards, cabinets and display units become must-have items if you want to have this style. You also could mix the elegant furniture with some distress items to give the authentic feel.

█ Some Inspirations:
For more inspirations, you can use some of this idea below

Bedroom Idea - (Video Source: Youtube)

Other Idea & Inspirations - (Video Source: Youtube)


█ Scandinavian Modern
Scandinavian Modern began in 1930 and become more popular these days. It's currently associate with IKEA. This style creates the contemporary looks by combining basic principles of modernism fused with a little touch of traditional. The Scandinavian Modern interior design is centered around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance. The main concept of this style is to bring the clean and versatile aesthetic into your house. If you're looking for populist and minimalist theme featuring gentle, rounded contours and warm colors in this style is the best choice for you.

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█ Key Point:
The use of light is considered to be extremely important to create this style. To bring the large space, use the white color on the walls. Also, using the earthy muted tones, natural materials and minimal ornamentation are a regular thing. For the furniture, combining white, off whites, soft dove-gray and soothing tones of nature color with wood material is a right choice to create the ambiance of a Scandinavian house.

█ Some Inspirations:
Try to check out this video:

Those are five interior design that quite popular. Hope it will inspire you and help to choose the best style for your house. I'll cover more style later in my next blog.

Thanks for reading,
Haraka ^_^

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