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Broadcasting is a great profession for journalists. Its very informative job and well entertained work. Its very difficult work for every broadcaster which they want to show a real method programs for audience. Broadcasting is used both as an offensive as well as a defensive weapon. The German radio talks by Lord Haw. Haw created an atmosphere of discontentment, ill-will, rancor, suspicion and alarm, in Indo-Pak Sib continent.


Asia and other European countries. False reports are broadcast truth is distorted, facts are exaggerated, discontentment is fomented, class hatred is produced and people are terrorized by giving a ghastly account of death and Japanese fed the Indian and the Asiatic with false hopes and false promises. The radio or transistor has become the mouth-piece of the government. The press is the pen, whereas radio is the voice of the governmentBroadcasting has become a powerful weapon for the suppression of truth and the dissemination of evil. Radio or transistor propaganda is subtly veiled by means of vocal and instrumental music, skits, humorous stories, light talk and concert. Propaganda by radio or transistor has been made palatable like a sugar-coated pill. The radio or transistor is used for propaganda on a large scale.


Broadcasting has great potentialities is country like Pakistan where the majority of the people are ignorant, literate, uneducated and superstitious and where ignorance, long distances and poor means of communication combine to retard progress. Broadcasting is the ideal medium for removing illiteracy and distance. For rural broadcasting we need medium waves but during the hot weather and dust storm their rang is seriously limited. For local services short waves are useless. On account of the cost of short-wave sets the poor man can hardly enjoy the benefits. Moreover, there is the problem of language.  

                                                            Written By: Aafia Hira

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