Information technology makes easy Human life

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Information Technology relates to gathering Assembling, storing and retrieving of Data and Information by Computers and Telecommunication Equipments. IT plays an important part in the progress of any organization, corporate body and whole economy as a whole.


Sometimes it refers to computers only and distribution of information and manipulating of Data. Sometimes it includes wider definition with communicating through different technological equipments the information through a local area or wide area network.


In Pakistan and like countries, Information technology is still in the process of rising towards its peak. Many organizations have been automated by use of the Information technology. Now IT sector has become the most successful and popular idea for business minded people. According to Global ranking, Pakistan has 102nd number out of 144 countries.


According to an analysis in 2013, Pakistan has over 40 million internet users and has been included in the top countries where Internet usage has got fast penetration. Pakistan is at 27th position in the world with respect to usage of Internet. With the introduction of fairly low cost packages by Mobile companies and PTCL, numbers of users are growing day by day.

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