Is it Safe to Store Data Online?

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Through one of the online or virtual data storage drive data from Apple, iCloud, a hacker managed to take photos of their personal and widely spread on the internet. Some actresses are victims of cyber crime.

Along with the times, data storage devices are increasingly evolving. If initially we as computer users need to store data on a diskette, at this time we can store data secaraonline. Until now, many developers are providing online data storage devices or virtual drives of data that we can use via computer or smart phone ours, some examples are GoogleDrive, DropBox and iCloud.

When we take pictures using a smart phone (with the memory limitations) we can save these photos kevirtual drive data. However, storing the data in a virtual drive turned out to be not yet safe. This is evident from the success of hackers manipulating data stored divirtual drive.

The case of the "theft" of data is done by a hacker who has not known who the culprit is quite disturbing many people. Hackers were "infiltrated" keiCloudpara Hollywood actress and taking their personal photographs. Some actresses, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kirsten Dunst becomes the victim of hackers. The photographs, showing the actress without wearing clothes. Predictably, after getting the photos, the hacker immediately propagate through the Internet.

The hackers actions is one small example that worries many people. So what would happen if all the data is taken, whether it be in the form of images or other critical data?

In fact, data storage lewatvirtual driveternyata not yet safe for our use, not trying to scare or vilify, but menela'ah events that hit the Hollywood celebrities, it seems more secure if we store the data in a storage medium that is visible shape. That way we can guarantee the confidentiality of its own data that we store. Agree Bitlenders?

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