It could be happen always.

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Life is too short and Birthdays was happen once a year only. Today is the date of my birthday and I was so blessed today because I am healthy even I am far from my two beloved kids. But still asking you Lord that please don't stop giving me a meaningful XP everyday. I will always trust in you o Lord and Your will is my path Lord.

I know that I am so special for you because I feel that your always by my side in any difficulties in life. And I promise you Lord that I will never be changed the characteristics you've given to me. And thanks for this behavior you are in-trusting me Lord.

 I just write this prayer for you Lord but this is the real things that I have feel today. I love doing this things for you Lord. And I want to share this to anybody around me here Lord.

Guys, I am happy today not because of my birthday which because I made this word of prayer and the opportunity to share my feelings. And thank you for being a part of my life thru here Bitlanders.

Wish you a best Luck all. Thank you and God Bless.

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