It's been four years since 3.11.11

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Today is day the day of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the area known as Tōhoku region, otherwise known as 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku. It began at 2:46 PM JST and lasted for six minutes. Out of it, over 15,000 deaths, over 6,000 injured, and over 2,000 missing since the earthquake and tsunami. Upon that over 200,000 people are in temporary housing or permanent relocations, because of it. Also, it affected the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, which it ended up having nuclear meltdown accidents. 

It gain a worldwide attention and much coverage from news networks. I really learned about it from CNN and I ended up learning much from the network which broadcast it in other languages, NHK World. It's really great to know about the news in Japan and around the World. Plus they have other programs that do talk about Japan, besides the disaster. There are programs on the show explains about what happened on 3.11.11 and there are those that don't, but, get a view of Japan.

There is a coverage of this every year, especially when Emperor Akihito and his wife, Empress Michiko, address to the people of Japan of the disasters that took place. 

It's really sad about it. Plus there were people did not know what to do in a situation. That is why people should be watching NHK World programs to see what to do in case this would ever happen again. I don't mean it should be only Japan, but, everywhere else too in case this happens to them too. 

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