Jambon bellota as a multi cuisine food item

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Jambon bellota is an intensified version of the ham that is available at conventional forms. This has been gaining a lot of popularity owing to the fact that this particular type of Spanish Ham has been extensively used in a number of Spanish cuisines over the past few years. The process of obtaining this particular type of ham is not at all easy as there are a series of a lot of complex steps that need to be followed. It starts with feeding the pigs in with organic material and then after a series of intensive o intensive processes the ham is obtained. These series of processes include the likes of salting the obtained pig meat, removing all available form of moisture after it has been turned into ham and then keeping in a controlled environment over a period of time so that it is turned up for ageing and the quality of the ham has been refined to the optimum level. Jambon bellota can be distinguished from the conventional ham because of the fact that it is extensively processed and packed shipped for consumption to many other places.