Looking into the Numerous Facets of Toros

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Toros, as he is better called, in his own words merges the real and imaginary world into his pictures. Anyone who has examined and observed much of Torosijn Vagarshak's art would agree that these reflect intense inner thought and an expression that is exclusively his own. He admits to being influenced by the Vanguard method of painting and is perhaps also experimenting with abstract as well as expressionism.

A look at any of the very sophisticated and striking of Toros fine art, one finds almost no hints of feminine or softness in them, yet there is no unkindness or an expression of distress to his paintings too. Captivatingly, he utilizes expressions of comedy in his artworks to suggest views that are often more deep and profound than they seem on the work of art.
Vagarshak uses hues to his advantage in his masterpieces. In fact, often they are emblematic of the idea or the feeling that he intends to depict. Solid sentiments are sometimes depicted by stronger colors which actually also expose the painter's mood swings.

Mention should be given to some very special fine art like-"Two Clowns" and "Masquerade" both of which demonstrate the massive artistic capabilities of the creator. His profound absorption with the clowns leaves us with awe if the artist attempts to tell us more than what is apparent in our eyes through these subjects.