Jeff Chiba, Canadian Animation Filmmaker, Talks about WAF #SuperHero Factory Project

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"Do or do not, there is no try."

                                                - Jeff Chiba

Jeff Chiba Stearns was born in Kelowna, BC, of a Japanese background. He is an Emmy® nominated and Webby award winning animation and documentary filmmaker.

We asked him to share his thoughts about superheroes, so we could share his story with the young female students who are benefiting from the Superhero project.


Women's Annex: How important is it for young people to have Superheroes?

Jeff Chiba: It's extremely important for everyone to have heroes, role models, and mentors to teach us, to inspire us and to share their experience and wisdom with us. Superheroes come in all shapes and forms and have the power to inspire us to do great things with our lives. They help guide us on the right path and know when to let us go to find our own way. As well, they help us find the confidence to one day be in the position to be our own superhero and have the power to inspire others with our words, poetry, dance, song, art, film, and animation!

WA: Spiderman says: "With Power comes Responsibility." Which quote or idea do you think would go best with our initiative?

JC: This is my favorite quote and it is very simple: "Do or do not, there is no try."  I like this quote because it pushes us to reach for our goals and succeed. By knowing there are positive outcomes that can be achieved by the act of doing, it helps motivate us to reach our maximum potential in our life's pursuits. We either accomplish what we set out to do or we do not. We need to always be doing (learning, creating, and inspiring) because the act of doing equals progress, growth, and change as we work to achieve our goals, hopes and dreams!  


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