Jennifer Lopez - The Music Star

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Jennifer Lopez - The Music Star


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♣     Introduction


Hello Friends, I hope you are doing fine.  Today, I have come up with my another new blog with the title of Jennifer Lopez - The Music Star.  Friends, Jennifer Lopez as the world knows, is a big superstar in the music world.  However, not many people know that she is a true professional who has come through thick and thin and has seen hard times just like other great personalities in the world.  She is a sign of pride today due to the struggle she made in her early days and the determination she showed in order to achieve her goals to become a music star.   Over the time, Jennifer Lopez has made remarkable progress in the music industry as well as in her acting career and has got international fame.  She is generally known as a Pop Singer; however, she has won many acclaims and appreciation from her fans and show biz critics all around the world for her acting and dancing skills as well as her skills as a Producer.  In particular, her music and her personality attract the masses and is a music sensation in the young generation especially in Latin people.  She has won many awards and certifications in her career such as American Music Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, World Music Awards, BET Award, Billboard Music Award. Today, I shall highlight Jennifer Lopez career, her early life, her beginning as a dancer, her struggle in the music industry, some of her famous studio albums and her determination in acting performance.  



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Born on July 24, 1969, in the Bronx area of New York to Puerto Rican parents.  Her mother Guadalupe Rodriguez was working as a Kindergarten Teacher and her father David Lopez was a Computer Specialist when Jennifer Lopez was born.  Her parents were born in Puerto Rico, but later in their childhood, came to the United States of America.  Puerto Rican people are known for their love towards music, therefore, Jennifer took active part in music and dance from her early childhood and always wanted to be famous and be a part of show biz industry as a dancer, singer and actress.  Since her early childhood, Jennifer enjoyed different types of musical genres such as Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Salsa and other music styles such as Pop Music, Hip-Hop and R&B.   Her first breakthrough came when she won a national competition and successfully managed to win a job as Dancer on the US TV show In Living Colour.   She had already left her parents' home when she was 18 years old because her parents did not approve of her acting career.  Therefore, Jennifer had to struggle in life on her own and there were times when she had to survive on just a piece of pizza for quite a few months but her determination was strong and she never looked back.  Jennifer Continued working in In Living Colour for two years and then she joined the singer Janet Jackson to dance behind her.   By 1993, Jennifer Lopez had decided to test her luck in acting field and later got first leading role as Selena which was a biographical musical drama film.  Jennifer Lopez was widely appreciated and praised for her performance and managed to earn nomination at Golden Globe Award.  Jennifer missed her desire to become a singer in those acting days and again shifted her attention towards singing.  She managed to win the contract with Sony Records when she successfully impressed Tommy Mottola, the president of Sony Records with her demo work.  Thereafter, Jennifer Lopez started to work on her debut album in 1998 with an ambition to rock the music world. 



♣     Debut Studio Album - On the 6


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Jennifer Lopez released her first studio album with the title of On The 6 in June 1999 under the banner of Work Group which worked under Sony Music.  For this album, Jennifer had the help of many renowned Producers such as Rodney Jerkins, her boyfriend at that time Sean Combs and Grammy Award winning Cory RooneyThe album was based on Pop, Latin Pop and R&B music and it contained 14 tracks.  This was Jennifer Lopez's first international appearance as a music star and she got accredited and praised by music lovers and critics because of vocal range and quality.  This album proved to be her first milestone in the journey of becoming a Pop Icon.  Music fans liked the Seductive and Sultry style of Jennifer Lopez.  This album was generally a Hit album and it managed to sell more than 8 Million Copies worldwide which is a good figure for a new artist.   Jennifer Lopez released five singles from this album and all managed to reach within top ten spots on the USA Billboard Hot 100  and Music Chart of Billboard Hot Latin SongsHer first released single If you Had My Love managed to reach top spot on the Music Charts in the USA and within top ten spots on Music Charts in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands and in other European countries.  Other singles from this album, Waiting for Tonight, No Me Ames, Feelin' So Good and Let's Get Loud also made good performance on the Music Charts.  Jennifer Lopez received many certifications, nominations and accreditations for this album.  Some of them are mentioned here below:


♦     Two Grammy Awards Nominations for the songs If You Had My Love and Let's Get Loud

♦     Certified as Triple Platinum by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

♦     Winner of MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video for her song Waiting for Tonight.

♦     Winner of MTV Europe Music Award for Best Female Artist.

♦     Certified as Platinum in Canada, Australia, the Europe and Argentina.



 ♣     Studio Album - J.Lo


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Jennifer Lopez released her second studio album with the title of J. Lo in January 2001 under the banner of Epic Records which is owned by Sony Music.  For this album, Jennifer again had the help of other Producers which had become part of Jennifer's team such as Sean Combs and Cory Rooney.  The album was based on PopLatin Pop and R&B music and it contained 15 tracks.  The theme of this album was Love, Sex, Empowerment and Relationship.  This album is considered to be a hallmark in the career of Jennifer Lopez.  Music fans liked its Dance Music and Jennifer's style and appearance in music videos.  This album was commercially a Hit album and it managed to sell more than 8 Million Copies worldwide a little more than her first album.   Music Fans and critics praised the music and artistic touch in this album.  Jennifer Lopez released four singles from this album and all managed to reach within top 10 and top 20 spots on the USA Billboard Hot 100 and Music Chart of Billboard Hot Latin Songs.  In the United Kingdom, this album was more praised and its songs got higher ratings on the UK Official Charts.  Her first released single Love Don't Cost a Thing (video below) was an instant hit in many countries and reached top spot. 



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Other released singles from this album Play, Ain't It Funny and I'm Real also managed to reach good positions on Music Charts in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and in other Latin countries.  As a follow up, Jennifer Lopez released another album in 2002 which contained remixes of the songs from this album with the title of J to tha L–O! The Remixes and it was also a hit album.  Some of the certifications and accreditations Jennifer Lopez received for this album are mentioned here below:


♦     Winner of MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Video for her video I'm Real

♦     Certified as Quadruple Platinum in the United States.

♦     Recognition by Guinness World Records  for the album J to tha L–O! The Remixes as the first remix album to reach number one spot in the USA. 

♦     Certified as Platinum in the Canada, Australia, the UK, Switzerland and New Zealand.  



♣     Studio Album - Love ? 



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Jennifer Lopez released her 7th studio album with the title of Love ?  in April 2011 under the banner of Island Records.   The album was based on Dance Pop and R&B music and it contained 12 tracks.  The theme of this album was Love, Life and Relationships.  This album generally received positive reviews from music fans and critics around the globe.  This was considered to be a great dance album.  However, this album was declared as a Moderate Hit because it managed to sell over 2 Million copies worldwide.  Upon release, this album peaked at number five on the US Billboard 200 becoming the 6th album of Jennifer Lopez which reached within top ten spots in the United States.  In other major music markets around the world, it remained within top five to top ten spots.  Jennifer Lopez released three singles from this album which reached top ten spots on the Music Charts internationally.  Her first released single On the Floor featuring another artist Pitbull in February 2011 made good international progress as it topped in over 30 Music Charts in different countries.  Jennifer Lopez then released other two songs I'm Into You and Papi which also did very well on Music Charts globally and both managed to reach number one spot on Billboard Dance Club Songs.   Some of the certifications and accreditations Jennifer Lopez received for this album are mentioned here below:


♦     Recognition by Guinness World Records as the Highest Viewed Female Music Video of All Time for the video song On the Floor

♦     Certified as Platinum in the United States and Poland.

♦     Certified as Gold in the Europe, Russia and Middle East. 



♣     Studio Album - A. K. A.


Jennifer Lopez released her latest studio album with the title of A. K. A.  in June 2014 under the banner of Capitol Records.   The album was based on Dance Pop and Latin with a little touch of Urban Pop and it contained 10 tracks.  In this album, Jennifer had collaboration with other stars like French Montana and Iggy Azalea. Upon its release, the album received mixed reviews from the music critics.  Furthermore, generally it was liked by music fans for its dance tunes.  On the whole, the album made lower impact on the Music Charts but some songs were praised by the fans.  However, this album managed to reach within top ten spots on US Billboard 200 and number one spot on Top R&B / Hip-Hop Albums in the United States for one week after its release.  Jennifer Lopez released three singles from this album which were I Luh Ya Papi, First Love and Booty which were moderately praised by her fans. 



♣     Jennifer Lopez - Latin Music Queen




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Jennifer Lopez is very famous in Latin music.  Her style of music, her fashion approach and her vocal quality are among the most liked factors which make her a Pop Icon.  She has been serving show biz industry for more than 28 years now and has had collaboration with many artists in the music and acting field.  She is widely regarded as a Latin Music Sensation.  She is considered to be the first Latin actress to earn over USD 1 Million for acting in a film.  After her initial success with some Latin songs, Jennifer released a complete Spanish album Como Ama una Mujer which was released in 2007 and it received the accreditation as the highest first-week sales for a debut Spanish album in the United States.  This album also made its mark on the US Billboard 200 as it was the first Spanish albums to debut within the top ten spots on the US Music Charts.  Jennifer Lopez puts her emotions in her singing and this album was considered to be the one in which Lopez touched new emotional depths.  One of her famous Latin Music Video in which she collaborated with another Puerto Rican artist is appended below:




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♣     Conclusion

Jennifer Lopez is the name of struggle, determination and Pop / Latin Music Idol.  From the modest beginning to stardom, it is a long journey that Jennifer Lopez has covered and she has not in any manner disappointed her fans and music lovers.  She continues to be a pop diva who knocks at the Music Charts every now and then.  Now, she is also a mother and has seen a lot of colors of life and went through difficult times in her early struggle in the Show Biz Industry.  She is an active Philanthropist, Social and Political Activist who contributes towards serving the humanity in general and the overall well-being of USA citizens.   She has been announced by the United Nations Foundation as the first Global Advocate for Girls and Women.  She raises her voice against harassments that actresses and singers face in their journey of stardom.  She actively participates in charity and fund-raising programs for the poor and under-privileged in the world.   She started Lopez Family Foundation with her family members and it helps in availability of health care and health education for the people who can't afford it.   On the whole, Jennifer Lopez has lived a successful life so far and is a role model for many new artists and singers in the industry.  



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