Jimmy Pedro's Impressive and Inspiring Black-belt Techniques

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In this short film one of the most successful American judo competitors ever, Jimmy Pedro displays an impressive 5 techniques that every mixed martial artist and martial arts practitioner should know.



The challenge of shooting these techniques simultaneously to a photo shoot for Black Belt magazine proves not to faze Pedro as he has more than proven his track record coping with challenge.


In this film his partner, Garry St Leger who is an experienced judoka is also filmed. St Leger is very committed to judo and began training at just 8 years old.


Judo is notorious amongst the martial arts world for its spectacular throwing techniques and involves lots of grappling on the ground including pins, control holds, arm locks and strangles. It is taught on special mats for safety and differs from other martial arts in the aspects that no kicks or punches are involved.


The fact that this film was shot before the London 2012 Olympics makes it all the more interesting. Jimmy Pedro, as well as being a two time Olympic bronze medal winner himself, coached the 2012 US Olympic Judo Team and can proudly claim that he coached Kayla Harrison who was the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in the martial art of Judo. Harrison defeated Great Britain’s Gemma Gibbons in the women’s 78-kg division after knocking out top-ranking Brazilian competitor Mayra Aguiar in the semi-finals.


As well as this impressive accolade, Pedro is an awe-inspiring 6th degree black belt in Judo. He has even been the subject of a biographical movie and has co-written a book with William Durbin about Judo techniques and tactics.


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