Judo, Film and Afghanistan, all came together!

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Judo is the sport that my father Roberto and I have been practicing for over 30 years.

Film Annex is the company my brother and I started in 2006, and it has over 12 million monthly unique viewers today.

is the country where, this week, we opened a Film Annex office tailored around the needs of the Afghan education system.

I store information for the longest time and ferment it until I get a solution or idea around it. Let's look at the timeline so we don't lose track:

Two years ago, Stig Traavik, Norwegian diplomat and Judo Olympian, told me all about Afghanistan and Judo as you can see in this video: Stig interview on Film Annex.

Today, I look at the Afghan Development project and see the greatest opportunity in the world: Connecting an entire country to the global community simply by building schools in Afghanistan and opening Internet Points in primary and secondary schools to enable higher education in Afghanistan.

Tomorrow, I'll see Veterans fly back to Afghanistan to start their businesses or consult others to do the same thanks to the
(G.I.V.E.) Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship creating veteran business opportunities.

The day after tomorrow (Sunday March 4th), I'll sit back and enjoy the New York Open Judo Championships that we are proud to sponsor and film, just like we did last year with Super Final, directed by Abel Ferrara.

Next month, I'll fly back to Jacksonville, NC, to meet up with a few Marines and eventually I get to work out with them. When I think of what I have learned on the mat in the last 30 years, I might give them some real nightmares!

Luke, get ready!

Francesco Rulli

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