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Juicing fruits and veggies holds great promise in improving the quality of our children’s diets. It’s innovative, fun, interactive, easy to do, and it is a highly efficient way to drastically boost nutrient intake. Just one glass of juice can provide on average 4 servings of fruits and vegetables and a greater dose of phytonutrients including antioxidants as compared with commercial juice that you purchase off the shelves in a grocery store. Juicing for your kids is an excellent way to include and increase many immune-boosting and brain-boosting nutrients into one fun cup.

The great thing about juicing for the kids is it is an exceellent way to sneak a few vegetables that your kids may not otherwise  like, such as the greens or cabbage family vegetables. Apples, pears, pineapple, watermelon and oranges are a great base for mixing in kale, spinach, celery, red cabbage and carrots.

And you’re not limited to the juice. Smoothies made in the blender are just as nutritious. Do a combination of juice mixed with coconut milk or almond milk. For a summer treat, add frozen bananas or ice and blend-up, freeze fresh juice into popsicles, or use your slow jucier or blender to make banana “ice-cream.”

Serve juices in an attractive glass or cup to increase the appeal.

Let your kids help. Studies show that the more kids are involved in the preparation of the food the more interested they become in eating or drinking it. You can make juicing a fun family activity by involving the kids in picking, washing, cutting and pushing of vegetables through the juicer.

Get Creative. Make up a silly name and let your kids decide what ingrediants should be included in the juice. A few of our favorites Names:

  • Rainbow Racecar Juice – Let your child pick the ingrediants, one for every color of the rainbow.
  • Pinkalicious Berry Juice – If it’s pink and berry, it’s bound to be good.
  • Dino Juice – Dinosaures eat greens. Throw in some celery, kale and apple.

The possibilities are endless, see what your child can come up with!

The myth that kids don’t like vegetables is being dispelled! Children will choose healthful alternatives when they are consistently available, tasty, appealing and attractively or creatively served!

It’s important to note that while including fresh juice as part of a balanced diet can be healthy for children and teens, a full Reboot diet is not advised. Adding more juices, smoothies, and vegetables and fruits to meals and snacks is the way to go. If you think your child or teen could benefit from a Reboot please speak with their pediatrician first.

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