Killer Tips To Approve Google AdSense Account

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Mostly peoples make a blog.They upload posts or their own reviews.They work hard to make it professionally.When they see that they have good visitors,have good posts they apply for google AdSense but they disappointed when google reject their application.

Now what to do?

I see  100+ blogs that have good posts but no AdScense.So i searched out on this topic about 1 Year!!.I read google Adsense Policies.So i got some major points to get this account.Today i am here to share my experiance with you.


How to Approve Google AdSense:


So guyz if you follow these steps or your site follow these basic requirments then apply for AdSense otherwise dont.


  1. You have a good looking Blog/Site Template.
  2. Your Template Should be user friendly.
  3. Dont make blog name on your own or some other name.(name means peoples name or city etc)
  4. If you have money Buy own a good Domain otherwise no need for that.
  5. Your blog should provide users a Unique information.
  6. Dont make blogs on Softwares or Downloading things.Provides users your own things.
  7. Dont Copy others data.Google have very strong tool's to track it.If you copy other's data now stop it.Try to write your own.

Above are the some basic rules.Goole mostly focus on Point 7.Try to minimize it.Now below are very important rules.So read them very carefully


  1. Your Blog/Site should be 3 Months older.
  2. Your Blog/Site have 50-60 Unique posts.Unique means different or your own informations for users.
  3. Blog/Site have minimun 500+ Visitors.In which 100+ should be unique visitors.
  4. In 500+ Visitors 80-90% Should from organic traffic.Means that by search engines.
  5. Dont put Other networks ads until you got AdSense Account.
  6. If you have other networks ads on blog like Info-links,Chitika etc then google will reject your application.




So dears!!these are very important rules that your site should have.Before applying for AdSense make sure your site fulfill thses rules.There are many other rules but google mostly follow these.So i hope you got some more information about AdSense.So best of luck!!If future i will share more tips about AdSense.


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