Knowledge and virtue is a blessing

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Know the meaning of knowledge and awareness are something. Allaah to His slaves were treated to a bounty of knowledge is treated. And this knowledge Allah has bestowed on His servants.

The first revelation was revealed to you that says

Read in the name of your Lord who created, created from the flakes of human blood. Read and your Lord is the cream. Taught by the pen, taught man what he did not know whose it. God created human blood flaps . The Essence of the Lord is very compassionate and cream . From the pen taught man what he did not know the man was familiar . She did not know what they taught . Knowledge is an everlasting wealth . Such as the blessing of Allah Almighty has given us a great treasure for us . It can not steal our wealth and treasure which nobody ever is less . Rather, it is to grow . This wealth of knowledge never decreases . With the knowledge that human progress in this world . Grow as a person today is because they only know that today the knowledge of the person 's new inventions being thanks . Knowledge teaches us to live in this world . Theory tells us life so that we can be successful in life .

Islam also has a strong emphasis on learning . Teaches us to know good and bad manners .

The Prophet(saw) said:

Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim man and woman .

Means to gain knowledge is obligatory upon every man and woman . And that the mother seek knowledge from cradle to grave since . An ignorant man, and the sight of Allah in the Quran says that Allah does not like those who have knowledge and those who know do not know what this equal ? Allah is great emphasis on acquiring knowledge . Allah Almighty says, knowledge is good knowledge for me . Loss of knowledge is worship . No one taught the charity

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