Lady Gaga - A Music Prodigy

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Lady Gaga - A Music Prodigy



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♣     Introduction 


Hello Friends, I hope you are doing fine.  Today, I have come up with my another new Blog with the title of "Lady Gaga - A Music Prodigy".  Friends, Lady Gaga is known to be a "Bold and Beautiful Music Artist".  Today I shall highlight some interesting aspects of Lady Gaga that many of us did not know before.  Over the years, she has turned out to be a famous pop star and has been praised all around the world.  She has also shown superb acting talent on her screen appearances such as "American Horror Story: Hotel" for which she won "Golden Globe Award for Best Actress".   In the music field too, she has proved herself to be a prodigy and has issued five studio albums, three compilation albums, three video albums and four sets of "Extended Plays (EP)" apart from many singles she released in about 10 years of her ongoing music career.   She has been successful worldwide as her albums have sold more than 27 Million and, her released singles only, have sold more than staggering figure of 146 Million around the world.   Lady Gaga has become an "International Star" in a short span of time.  She has acclaimed many mind-blowing awards and certifications such as "Grammy Awards", "Brit Awards", "Guinness World Records", "Artist of the Year Award" and the list still goes on.  In this Blog, I shall discuss her career, her early life and the struggle she went through in her musical journey to become a star that she is today.   



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Gaga was born on March 28, 1986 in New York City Manhattan area.  Her mother Cynthia Louise and her father Joseph Anthony Germanotta were both working professionals and were not financially well-off.  In particular, her father worked as an Internet Entrepreneur at the time Lady Gaga came into this world.   Her parents are from mixed ancestral backgrounds of "Italian", "French", "Canadian", "English", "German" and Scottish origins.  Lady Gaga was originally named "Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta" by her parents.  Her later famous name "Lady Gaga" came as an inspiration from the music band "Queen" song "Radio Ga-Ga".  As a child, Lady Gaga showed interest in music and started learning Piano at the age of 4 only.  She was not an outstanding student throughout her academic career and changed different schools due to various reasons such as "bullying" by other students for her odd appearance (as she was a small and plumper) and her so called eccentric behavior.  By the time she reached the age of 13, she had started writing her own ballads and one year later she held her first performance in a New York nightclub.  This was the start of her music career and she had realized that Music Field was the only thing she could do better in.  Thereafter, when she was 20 years old, she managed to get admission in "New York University's Tisch School of the Arts" through a Musical Theatre company "CAP 21" where she learned music and songwriting skills.  However, she was dropped out early because she wanted to do her own music based on her own creativity.   In search to fulfill her own dreams, she worked briefly with "Def Jam Recordings" and later performed as a solo artist in clubs and avenues in New York City.  She got the opportunity to work in "Interscope Records" as a songwriter where she was discovered by another pop star "Akon" while she was giving musical performance on her own creation "Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue".  This collaboration with Akon proved to be very beneficial for Lady Gaga and she started to work on her first studio album which she managed to release in 2008.


♣     First Album - The Fame   


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Lady Gaga released her first studio album with the title of "The Fame" in August 2008 under the banner of "Interscope Records".  This album was based on combination of "Synthesizer Pop" and "Dance Pop" genres of music.  The theme of this album was "Love, Money, Sex and Drugs".   Keeping in view that this was her debut album, it got praise and love from pop music fans and music critics.  So much so that it managed to sell more than 15 million copies worldwide.  For a new artist, selling 15 Million copies is quite an achievement and Lady Gaga had put her first step into the world of stardom with her debut album.   This album topped in Music Charts of many countries and won many acclaims for Lady Gaga.  It became the 5th bestselling album of the year 2009.  This album had 14 song tracks and Lady Gaga released 5 singles from this album.  She released her first single "Just Dance" in April 2008 and it topped the Music Charts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and in other countries apart from reaching top ten in many countries.  It spent five months on the "Billboard Hot 100" and remained one of the bestselling singles by selling more than 10 Million copies worldwide.   Lady Gaga released her second single "Poker Face" from this album in September 2008 which again got success on international level by topping the Music Charts in 20 countries and was the "bestselling single" of the year 2009 as it sold more than 14 Million copies worldwide.    


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Lady Gaga released three more songs from this album and all made quite a good progress on Music Charts.  Her singles  "LoveGame" and "Paparazzi" released in March and July 2009 respectively, also managed to reach top ten in many countries.  Overall, this album gave Lady Gaga an excellent start in the music industry and she won many accolades and appreciations for this album.  Some accreditations and awards Lady Gaga received for this album are as under: 


♦     Five Nominations for Grammy Award at "52nd Grammy Awards" winning two for "Best Electronic/Dance Album" and "Best Dance Recording".  

♦     Winner of "Best International Album" at "2010 Brit Awards". 

♦     Inclusion in the "Rolling Stone" as one of the "100 Greatest Debut Albums of All-Time".



♣     Second Album - Born This Way


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Lady Gaga released her second studio album with the title of "Born This Way" in May 2011 under the banner of "Interscope Records".  The theme of this album was "Religion, Politics and Sexuality" which was different from her previous album's theme.  Laday Gaga wrote and also co-produced the songs in this album in collaboration with other pop stars such as "E Street Band" etc.   Apart from "Synth-Pop", the music of this album had a touch of "Electronic Rock" and "Techno".   Although, this album did not make as much progress as her previous studio album, however, this album was also praised by music fans and critics around the world.  This album was declared as an "Average Hit" and managed to sell more than 6 Million copies worldwide.  This album contained 22 songs and Lady Gaga released five singles from this album which made quite a good performance on Music Charts.   Her three released singles "Judas", "The Edge of Glory", and "You and I" from this album managed to reach top ten spot on "Billboard Hot 100".  The most acclaimed released song from this album was "Born This Way" reached number one spot and was the "bestselling single" from this album.  Lady Gaga promoted this album on "The Monster Ball Tour" and "Born This Way Ball" tours which were her second and third worldwide concert tours and proved to be among the "most revenue generating tours" ever for any music artist.   Some accreditations and awards Lady Gaga received for this album are as under: 


♦     Certification as triple "Platinum" by "British Phonographic Industry (BPI)".

♦     Received three "Grammy Award" Nominations and became the first artist after British Band "The Beatles" to have 3 consecutive nominations.

♦     Winner of the "International Album of the Year" award at "Japan Gold Disc Awards".

♦     Inclusion in "Rolling Stones" as the "11th greatest album of all time by a female artist".



♣     Third Album - Artpop



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Lady Gaga released her third studio album with the title of "Artpop" in November 2013 again under the banner of "Interscope Records". This album was based on "Electronic dance music" and "synth-pop" music and contained 15 songs. This album received mixed reviews and generally, it was declared as a "Commercially Hit" album.  This album topped the Music Charts in 6 countries including the United States and remained within top 10 in many other countries.  From this album, Lady Gaga released three songs and all managed to get very good rating on Music Charts.  She released the single "Applause" in August 2013 which reached top ten spot on the "US Billboard Hot 100".  Other singles "Do What U Want" and "G.U.Y." also made good performance.  Overall, this album received general liking from the music fans and critics all around the world and sold more than 2.5 Million copies worldwide.  Some accreditations and awards Lady Gaga received for this album are as under:


♦     Certified as "Platinum" by the "Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)".

♦     Certified as "Platinum" by "Music Canada".

♦     Inclusion in 4th place in Billboard's "15 Best Albums of 2013"



♣     Fourth Album - Cheek to Cheek



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Lady Gaga released her fourth studio album in collaboration with another American Artist "Tony Bennet" with the title of "Cheek to Cheek" in September 2014 under the banner of "Interscope Records" and "Columbia Records".  This album had a touch of "Jazz Music" which is different music genre from "Pop Music".  However, Lady Gaga had confidence in this album that it will be praised and appreciated by her fans and "Jazz lovers" across the globe.  This album contained 15 songs and Lady Gaga released only two songs officially.  Lady Gaga released first single "Anything Goes" in July 2014 and second single "I Can't Give You Anything but Love" in August 2014.  Both these songs managed to reach number one spot on "Billboard's Jazz Digital Songs Chart".   This album received positive reviews from critics and music lovers across the globe.  This album reached number one spot in the United States and reached top ten spot in five other countries.  On the whole, this album was considered "Hit" keeping in view the limited audience of "Jazz Music" and managed to sell about 2 Million copies worldwide.  Some accreditations and awards Lady Gaga received for this album are as under: 


♦     Winner of "Grammy Award" at "57th Annual Grammy Awards" in the category of "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album"

♦     Certified as "Gold" by the "Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)".

♦     Certified as "Platinum" by the "Music Canada".

♦     Certified as "Silver" by the "British Phonographic Industry (BPI)".



♣     Fifth Album - Joanne


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Lady Gaga released her 5th studio album with the title of "Joanne" in October 2016 again under the banner of "Interscope Records".  Lady Gaga co-produced this album along with other stars like "Mark Ronson".  This album was based on "Dance Pop" and "Soft Rock" music and contained 14 songs. This album received generally positive reviews by music fans and the critics worldwide.  In the United States, it reached number one spot on Music Charts and also in five other countries.  Besides, it also managed to reach top ten spot in 15 countries.  On the whole, this album sold about 2 Million copies around the world.  Lady Gaga officially released three singles from this album.  Her first single, "Perfect Illusion" was released in September 2016 and managed to reach top spot on Music Charts in France and Spain.  Her second single "Million Reasons" from this album was released in November 2016 and reached number four spot in the United States.  Lady Gaga released her third single "Joanne" from this album in December 2017 and was praised by her fans.   Some accreditations and awards Lady Gaga received for this album are as under:



♦     Nomination for the "Grammy Award" at "60th Annual Grammy Awards" in the category of "Best Pop Vocal Album"

♦     Certified as "Platinum" by the "Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)".

♦     Certified as "Gold" by the "Music Canada".

♦    Certified as "Gold" by the "British Phonographic Industry (BPI)".



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♣     Conclusion

Lady Gaga is a music prodigy who has entertained music lovers and critics all around the globe in a short span of time.  She is an active Television Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Philanthropist and a Social Worker.  Lady Gaga has been accredited as "Queen of Pop" by Rolling Stone in 2011 due to her services in the music field.  Furthermore, she has been ranked 4th in "VH1's Greatest Women in Music" in 2012.  She has enormous potential and has already made her mark in the show business by winning many acclaims.  Lady Gaga also launched the "Born This Way Foundation (BTWF)" which is a non-profit organization and works for the Youth Development and Youth Empowerment.  Internationally recognized magazine "Forbes" included Gaga on its "List of 100 Celebrities from 2010 to 2015" apart from including her in its list of the "World's Most Powerful Women from 2010 to 2014".  Furthermore, she has been named as one of the "Most influential people in the world" by "Time magazine" in 2010.  She has a long way to go as she is just over 30 years old and can serve the humanity for a long time by spreading the message of love and peace through her music and songwriting ability.   



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