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Many of us have developed the habit of too much dependence on others . This has led to indolence and sheer laziness .

 We seem to take it for granted that when we face a crisis , someone , something , somewhere will appear to help us out . This war for financial is a personal war . It has to be fought individually . We cannot let somebody else fight it for us . 

We can only win it if we prepare ourselves for it and then take action on our own .


First of all what is laziness ? It is a mental state of an individual when it lacks energy and / or the desire to perform tasks , which can have several causes . 

Well , everyone of us knows this feeling : we have lot of work to do but a momentary feeling of laziness prevents us from getting motivated to perform our tasks . We do not feel energized and just don't  want to do activities , either because we lack the inspiration or are not encouraged enough to start working .  LAZINESS hinders us to do our work , laziness reduces our whole life- experience , as we pursue by far less hobbies and spare time activities than we would . 


If  we weren 't  lazy ,  Let's  not  allow  laziness  to  reduce  the  quality  of  our  lives  .





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