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This is the story of a girl named Sofia, this girl was born into a close-knit and very beautiful family, hes parents had made first-time parents with their arrival, which was very loved. But from the beginning the parents realized that she was different from all human, since it was extremely clever, the knew year talk (just the basics) and walk, and its growth was very fast,


At age five, she had a problem, he realized that he had powers, making his first legacy was the teleportation, this was the cause of many problems that their parents decided to move home, they decided to move to Mexico to a zone of Yucatan where they were indigenous people, settled there and when sofi was just already controlling his powers to reached her more when she was only 8 years old their new legacies were the telequesis and the power of mind-reading, this was too strong for her, since she thought I was going crazy, since I listened to the voices of all, up to 10 years a little could control it, and their parents moved house since they wanted to sofi q study, they took her to the city of Mexico. Sofi use their powers for things good, she was very noble and good, 15 years after it happened a misfortune, while they went on vacation came you his other legacies, her newfound power was to control the elements, this time started by the water, strange thing since it first began with the air, it is anger while it was at sea and by his anger caused a tsunami This was very unfortunate as there were many deaths. This blight it she said that bad e4ra but his dad made it change its mind and convinced her to begin practicing his powers, and thus step... to its only 18 years a scientific madman was plotting something this had something against humanity so sofi was our defender against this maniac...

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