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LibertaGia is an international company located in Lisbon, Portugal, which was Officially lunched and began it's operations on October, 2013. Their office is located next to the headquarters of Microsoft. Cunrrently has many offices opened worldwide like locations in Malaysia , Brazil and Italy . Rui Salvador is the Executive Director of the company and its founder, an experienced MLM leader who had a part in incredible international success in this area.

LibertaGia is well designed, detailed and a professional project which have been spent more than 13 months on it to be created. The main goal is to create something different and better than what already exists, something that will benefit the people and create financial freedom.
LibertaGia provide opportunities for prospective members (Affiliate) For a career out of the bottom without the initial capital with a member with a continental BRONZE package (free member package)

As an innovative company LibertaGia provide tools live revolutionary called "INBOX", which is able to integrate email (yahoo, google, outlook), social media (Facebook, Twitter), Etertainment chat and live TV Channel, bringing Communication, I-CLOUD, blogging in one site

“LibertàGià is a technology company working internationally which main goal is to develop apps that will solve common problems in people’s lives. They want to integrate the necessary technology for everyone to perform professional, personal and social activities just in one place. We call this utility!”

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