Life after the Afghanistan War

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  There is a belief within myself that I have felt throughout my time serving as a Marine.  Whether a Marine or a soldier the reflections of what we all did with our time served are felt the most after getting out of the military.  To comment on the feelings of some of these young men who have served, especially in the infantry field, can be a very hard thing to do.  The feelings felt by these different men could be similar but the reasoning for the feelings can vary extremely.  Sometimes it takes only sensation of fear to bring someone down, or the greatest warriors could be bothered by what they have done, or have had done to them.  

 My opinion on why more thought goes into these reflections after the military is because there is more time to dwell on things.  We finally have the free time we never had to sit back, drink a beer, and just look back at the road we have travelled.  One of the fondest thoughts I have of my own time served is that I felt I have done my part to serve my country and met some of the greatest young men I never knew were out there.  I invested five years and walked away with many life time relationships that can leave an everlasting positive effect on everything I do.  For every negative encounter, there is always a positive, and if that positive cannot be found..... take the lesson with you.  Later when that same encounter arises and is beaten, that is the positive.

 With a new wife, new career, and some of the best connections that Filmannex has to offer to help with my writing, being busy has not been a problem.  There is one thing I will always believe in when it comes to remembering the fallen...   To live well for the fallen, not to mourn them but to celebrate how they lived and to appreciate the freedoms so many take advantage that they died for.  That is how I will choose to live for the rest of my life.  Future blogs will be filled with metaphoric adventure, business, and current events.  Hopefully life still has plenty of adventure still in store for this old grunt.  Semper Fi


 Jonathan Weinkiper

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