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A short while ago I started working with the Fuzzy Duck team in Stockport. Since I joined, I've been involved in a wide variety of work.

Just last month we completed a job for the Kidderminster Carpet Museum, in which we created a number of videos for visitors of the museum including 3 short period dramas - set in 1850s, 1920s and 1960s. 

I've also worked on a few corporate videos for different clients, and we are currently in the process of making a documentary for the Rugby League Club Warrington Wolves.

It's fair to say that the turnover caught me by surprise. The speed in which we go through pre-production, production and post-production is impressive and I think I've adapted well to it. Priorities are very different when you're doing work for a client, as opposed to making your own film.

No two days are the same though. One day we could be filming at a wastewater treatment site in Bury, and another day we could be casting actors for a drama. But I've been making films for three years now, so this hasn't surprised me at all!

It's given me a great chance to work again with Anderson West, who also works at Fuzzy Duck. We first worked last year on a project for a Stoke-based Company, and we've now been colleagues at Fuzzy Duck for over four months.

A few Sundays ago I AD'd Anderson's new short, Rest. It's great to see how he works with his actors, and it's certainly a piece to look forward to when it's completed. It'll be appearing on his WebTv in the near future:

The Fuzzy Duck team and I are making our Christmas short tomorrow afternoon. I'll be working again with Laurence Inman, who appeared in my recent short Pie Money. The short, which will be called Joy To The World, will be available to watch on Fuzzy Duck's WebTv very soon.








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