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Hello!! As I told you a couple week ago, the last year we won the National Audiovisual Found for film development and we are going to shoot our new short film "YELLOW APPLES" in March.

This last week we went to look for locations in "Maillen Island" and "Puerto Montt". This island is at 45 minutes in boat from Puerto Montt coast and there live almost 2000 persons. The principal commercial activities of the island are the agriculture, the animal breeding and the fishing. The people use to sell this products in Puerto Montt each saturday, and as our main character "Adriana" they live mostly of the money they earn each Saturday morning.

So, we went to the location scouting and we found almost everything, we just need to find one more room. We found the roads, the house we need and also the rural school we are going to shoot. This location scouting was really great because I went with Yeniffer Fasciani (Producer) and Victor Silva (DF).

We were looking with one the school director of the island and also owner of the hostel we are going to use to live those days. The days were really rainy days and and we went out of battery in the middle of the road, so we must push the vehicle in middle of the country side, a real adventure!!!

Here there´s some pictures of this trip and soon there´s going to be more information about all the production aspects that we are moving now. 

 Maillen Island

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