Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be performing in the Philippines next week!

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Hurray!!! I won tickets to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis live! Oh yeah! 

They will be here in the Philippines next week and will be performing at The Palace Pool Club. 

Am thinking maybe I will record one whole song performance to share to everyone here. Haha. Oh my goodness. 

I'd have to be in the front row to do that though. Woohoooo! We should get in early! 

Haha I am so excited. We will be having lots of fun!!!

How about you? Are you a Macklemore fan as well? If you're not familiar, lemme link one of my favorite songs of this duo.

So what do you think of the song? It's one of those feel good music to my ears. Haha!


Anyway hope before we get to watch it I can also help someone get insured thru Manulife. Anyway, see you on my next blog! Ciao!

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