Maintain hurt even make yourself more pain

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Giving up feeling a protracted illness is not easy, but maintaining the pain itself is not exactly healthy.

Moreover, if we continue to blame others for what happens in our lives. In the end, we are just going to continue to feel hate and can not forgive ourselves and others for our lives bad.

Psychologist Holly Brown, like launch of psychcentral, revealed that blaming others would backfire for our own lives.

"The problem is, by blaming others it often makes you feel more helpless. Example, you blame someone (your boss, your spouse, your parents, your children), and they said, 'No, I'm not so' or worse , 'So what if I do that?'. result, you will end up with all the anger and hurt that no resolution," he explained.

Hurt feelings he thinks is reasonable, but continued to maintain that hurt is a bad habit. Over time, you will actually feel more pain.

Those who adhered to the bitter past often relive the pain over and over in their minds. Sometimes one even 'stuck' in this pain, and continue to blame themselves.

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