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In this blog I would like to share information about marketing in brief because this word could talk days, months or years to discuss it.

The word Marketing is a big word and has many definitions, but let's simplify it by this statement "it is the process by which the organization or the company creates an added value to the customers and build a strong relationship with them in order to get the benefits from them in return"

So in this definition we can find some word I would like to emphasis on like the following words:

1- The added value: which is the product or the service that the organization offers, and it should have an value added to the customer, because if the customer felt that the product or the service will not be useful for him/her, he/she will never think about the product or the service.

2- Build a strong relationship: it is a relation between the organization and the customer and it should be build based on honesty "win – win" situation, because if he/she is satisfied by the product or service, he/she will a loyal customer.

3- Benefit: and by this word means "tangible and intangible benefits", the tangible benefits is the profit and a market share, and the intangible benefits means loyalty and retention.

4- Customer: this word means not the regular customer who buys the product or the service, the word "customer" consist of (consumer, influencer, decision maker)

To explain the 3 words in an example "if you want to buy a new cell phone and you want to father to support you financially, so in this case you are the consumer because you are the one who is going to use the new cell phone and your mother is the influencer because she will convince your father to buy a new cell phone for you and your father is the decision maker because he has the purchasing power which is the money for the new cell phone)

So the customer in a marketing wise means the target market for the organization and it should be clarified from the setting of the marketing plan from the beginning before establish the product or the service in the market.

And the hierarchy of the customer inside the organization begins with "suspect, prospect, customer, loyal customer, and partner"

1- Suspect: is the person who doesn’t know anything about the product or service.

2- Prospect: is the person who know about the product or service but didn’t try it before.

3- Customer: is the person who tried the product or service.

4- Loyal customer: is the person who tried a regular customer in the organization and he/she likes to buy from this one if it is compared to other brands.

5- Partner: is the person who is loyal customer and give a positive word of mouth to other people to try this product or service from this brand specifically, and this stage is very important because he/she is working for the organization by advising the other people, so the organization should take care of this partner and try to always make him/her delighted.

Finally in this blog is about a small definition and explanation about marketing that any organization should put these in their consideration when they market for any product or service for the success.


Written by: Mohammed Hussein

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