Master Procrastinator.

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I have been sitting here for hours. I have a project I need to complete for tomorrow, but it's such a mess I don't want to go near it. So, I keep procrastinating (by doing things like writing this article).

I have always been a procrastinator, but I find that last minute, deadline pressure adrenaline rush is very motivating, and I do my best work in that "mode." I was that way even as a student. If I studied and did my work ahead of time, I generally only got Bs and Cs. If I waited until the last minute, I almost always got a A.

Heck, once I even tool a final exam while running a 105F fever (I had the flu), and that really drove my my adrenaline so much I got a perfect score *plus* the extra credit.

I guess my brain just works best on deadline pressure adrenaline! How about you?

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