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One of the must-visit destinations when in Bicol is in Sorsogon where beachespink sands, and a cave are worth traveling particularly in Matnog. Subic Beach rings a bell to our ears for its pinkish sand and the Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary. After the Caramoan: island hopping adventures and a Day in Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) comes another day set for an exploration of Matnog Sorsogon's: beaches, pink sands, and a cave.

There is nothing much that I can talk about on this blog but for Subic Beach, Calintaan Cave, Pink Sands, and Tikling Island. Time constraint is the traveler's main antagonist that's why we only have minimal island destination. It's all worth it though because it's a first-hand experience to be on a beach with pink sands. For more of my stories, read through this blog until the end.


► Going to Matnog


Off to Legazpi Bus Station / Credit: Erlinyenyu (Dimpsy) via Facebook

Early morning we took our breakfast in one of the food shops in Legazpi as we walk on the streets. From there we took a few minutes of walking to the main street and waited for a trike bound to Legazpi bus terminal. Once alighted we took a van bound to Bulan and informed the conductor to drop us off at Trece an intersection between Bulan and Matnog. From there we took a jeepney that transported us to Matnog Sorsogon.

What is Matnog?

Matnog - comes from the word "matonog" which means very audible describing the loud sound of the waves.

Source: Wikipedia

► Our Destinations

  • Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary


Starfish near Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary / Credit: Erlinyenyu (Dimpsy) via Facebook

Unfortunately, the marine sanctuary itinerary was an epic fail due to the absence of the caretaker by the time we arrived in the vicinity. That feeling of dismay after all the excitement and after waking up so early just to see the underwater world. It would have been nice if we were a bit early, maybe we might be able to catch up on the caretaker. Seeing the starfish on the seabed while I was on the triggered boat made me visualize the different types of marine species on the sanctuary. Actually, Juag isn't really in our itinerary that day. It was the boatman who suggested to pay a visit to the marine sanctuary since we can pass it by before heading to Subic Beach.

  • Subic Beach


Subic Beach / Credit: Erlinyenyu (Dimpsy) via Facebook

There are two Subic Beach in Sorsogon - the Subic Liit (Subic Small) and the Subic Laki (Subic Big). Adjacent to each other, both beaches have powdery white sands and aquamarine clear water. It is also known of its pinkish-white sands. If you try to take a look at the beach by far you will notice a pinkish spark on the sand. Examine the sands and you will find grains of red colored particles that are produced by crushed red corals.

  • Pink Sands


Pink Sand / Credit to Nico Tabz @ Facebook

Matnog beaches are known for its pinkish-white powdery sands. The presence of the red corals that was broken down by the waves unleashed the pinkness of the sand that made a unique feature in the beaches of Sorsogon particularly in Matnog. It isn't only the Subic Beaches that has a pink sand feature but the Tikling Island as well. 

  • Wavey and Calm Waters


The Calm and Rough Waters / Credit to ErlinYenYu (Dimpsy) @ Facebook

There is this part of the sea that I find it mysterious.  A question lingered in my mind seeing the sea water half wavy and the half is calm. I took a snap of it and glad that I got it right. There are even small whirlpools as we went along. When we had our Water Rafting in Cagayan De Oro, I remember our tour guide's explanation that when the water is calm that means it's deep and when the water is rough or wavy that means it's shallow or it's rocky underneath. Not a big deal though but it amazed me to see such phenomenon and it was actually my first time to witness it.

  • Calintaan Cave


Calintaan Cave / Erlinyenyu (Dimpsy) @ Facebook

Just a few meters away from Subic Beach our boatman took us to a sea cave at the Calintaan Cave. The opening on the left is the entrance to the cave. Difficult to go in isn't it? Indeed it was! The current made the entrance difficult, exciting, and dangerous at the same time as the water splashes to the wall of the cave opening. The splashing of the water on the rocks will depend on the current. During our visit, the current was just right for us to explore the cave.

It was fortunate for us that the current wasn't that strong thus it enables us to pass through the opening moderately. There's a bit of struggle but it's manageable. Grateful to our tour guide who guide us all the way in and out of Calintaan Cave.

Calintaan Cave / Video Credit: Candidly Kahlil via Youtube

This video from Candidly Kahlil will show you how to get through to Calintaan Cave and what's inside the cave. Half of this video will showcase Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary that we failed to witness during our pinkish destination to Matnog Sorsogon.

  • Entrance to Calintaan Cave


Entrance to Calintaan Cave / Credit to ErlinYenYu (Dimpsy) @ Facebook

On the left part of the two cave opening, you can see a passage just below the hole where the water roughly covered the passageway. Good thing the tide isn't that high to cover up the entrance. Notice the rope tied on the boat that stretched towards the passageway, that is where we took a grip while making our way to the cave just in case the water will splash there is something that we can hold on to. One tour guide is waiting at the passageway while the other one is at our back making sure he gets our back in case something might happen.

  • Lagoon inside Calintaan Cave


Lagoon in Calintaan Cave / Credit to Joycee Abaquita @ Nico Tabz's Facebook

At the back from where we stood you can see the hole in the passageway that we made it through. The struggle was so real by the way when you try to take a hold of your body not to be carried away by the current and keeping your body especially your head not to get bumped on the wall. But as the saying goes "No Pain, No Gain" and this is what we gain. A lagoon inside the cave with a crystal clear water. The only restriction that our tour guide told us is not to go swimming near the rocks to avoid injuries. There is what it seemed like a seashore with sands and stones in front of us. A lot of piled stones made by tourists are present and some even had initials on it. Hearing the birds chirping, the splashing of the water and the cool breeze made us stayed for almost 30 minutes. We love it here! So calming and so refreshing. 

  • Open Air Calintaan Cave


Above the Cave / Credit to Joycee Abaquita @ Nico Tabz's Facebook

My expectation when inside a cave is a dark surrounding and it echoes as you talk. But with this one, it is an exemption to the rule. It's an open air cave with trees atop the cave rocks. The sound of nature made this cave a very relaxing and refreshing as I mentioned it in the description above. It feels like you are one with nature and as always it never fails to amaze me. 

  • Tikling Island


Tikling Island / Credit to Joycee Abaquita @ Nico Tabz's Facebook

I love beaches and islands and Tikling Island is one of my favorites. This is the last island destination of our Matnog Sorsogon: beaches, pink sands, and a cave itinerary. Here we stayed for an hour of swimming; if only we had much time then we might have stayed quite longer. For beach lovers like us who would say no to this turquoise clear water with a powdery white sand seabed? Definitely not me! Just like a child, jumping off is one of the best part when in a beach. It's a happy pill for me.

Full Video of Matnog Sorsogon / Video Credit: Nomadic Mike via Youtube

Here is a full video of the destinations that I shared on this blog. Nomadic Mike's video will show you Subic Beach (small and big), the underwater world of Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary, the pinkish sands, and the Calintaan Cave. Not bad for the limited time that we have spent in Matnog Sorsogon.

Here is a Querlo Chat for your travel experience.


Our visit to Matnog Sorsogon was short but all worth it. The beaches, pink sands, and the cave made this whole trip worthwhile. It covered up the dismay that we got from the epic fail adventure of Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary. The first-hand experience on the pink beaches brought me in awe and somehow eased out the dismay I had inside. Much more when we had our Calintaan Cave adventure that I got rid of the feeling of dismay. It would have been nice to experience swimming with the big sea creatures (as I've read in some blogs) in Juag but sometimes there are circumstances that need to be respected. All in all my trip to Matnog Sorsogon was one of my unforgettable trips when it comes to beaches and island adventures.

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Thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for more travel blogs.

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