Matthew Modine Launches Slated Campaign To Raise Funds for Directorial Effort

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January 29, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA – Celebrated actor and award-winning filmmaker Matthew Modine has launched a campaign on to finance his new feature film, The Rocking Horsemen. The story follows five teenage boys through high school and their struggle to create a band in the budding days of rock and roll music. Modine has already enlisted the talents of an incredible roster of young Hollywood actors and industry veterans.

"A lot of people mistake crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo as investment opportunities. They're not. They allow artists and inventors to procure money through donations in exchange for ‘things.’ Slated, because of the American Jobs Act, is a platform which brings everyday people the opportunity of investing in film and participating in its success. I love the idea that folks from outside Hollywood will now have the chance to say to their friends, ‘Hey, I helped get that film made!’” said Modine.

"The Slated team is excited to be working with filmmakers from every stage of the business. Having an established director and talented actor like Matthew Modine join us on our site is a great endorsement for Slated," said Stephan Paternot, co-founder of Slated. 

“I’m thrilled to be working with Matthew on the The Rocking Horsemen. Our film incorporates many of the themes I love in cinema – like music in the 1960’s, a great style, and a coming-of-age storyline. I’ve always loved the choices Matthew took as an actor, now as a writer/director he falls in line with other accomplished actor/directors like Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, Sean Penn, Dennis Hopper, and Robert Redford. Matthew has learned from the best and brings a history of knowledge and vision from all that walked with him along the way,” said Orian Williams, the film's producer.

About the Film

In the summer of 1962, sixteen-year-old Candoo Yancy has a dream – to play a crowd-roaring, rock and roll riff on an electric guitar. The problem is, Candoo doesn’t own an electric guitar and doesn’t have a band to play with. This all changes when he assembles a group of friends and makes the neighborhood’s first rock and roll band: THE ROCKING HORSEMEN. They have high hopes and are driven by a shared fear of what the future holds. When the chance to play their High School graduation arises, the stage is set for the band to realize their dream. During a decade brimming with expectations, one teenager will remind us what it was like to be young. When everything seemed possible and rock and roll music was changing the world.

About Slated

Slated is designed to facilitate high-value introductions between financiers, curated projects, and the professional film industry. From sales agents to distributors, from entertainment attorneys to name cast and crew, a Slated membership (free) offers career exposure to a verified community of entertainment professionals.

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