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milk is the biggest source of energy in daily life it contain all the vitamins and minerals that human is need of it usually contain vitamin A,B and D which are essential in our daily life to built up human body it has the calcium and phosphrous which are absorbed by the bones and teeth without the milk the bones are usually weak and there is many problems with bones and teeth

                                                                                                                                          when a baby of the mamels take birth the first food of the baby is the milk in milk is produce inside the body by the gland  know if we considers this example in human body life the trend has been changed day today know the mother did not give there own milk to there child as a result there are many dangerous diseases occur in human body thus he will not able to live well life in every work of the God there is something hidden so we do not against the work of God

                                                                                                                                                          the chees,yogurt and the butter which are the fat contain are also given by the milk the goat milk has shifa of many diseases because it eat all the roots and shurbs cow milk is also helpful in our daily life so as it is possible we use milk in our life

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