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I have finished my degree and graduated about 7 months ago but I must admit that I am missing school and my friends. After college a lot of my friends have decided to seek greener pastures and have worked overseas. While some have opted in working here in the local industry, they have become too busy and have still chosen to work far from home. 

I miss worrying about exams and working on projects and most especially, I miss bonding with my friends during and after school hours. The talks and laughs we've had. But there are things in life that we can't really hold on to for very long. 

The photo above was taken during our culminating activity for our Asian Cuisine class. We had to serve 30 people in a buffet setting in an Asian-themed restaurant. 

I miss the days that we had to wake up early and prepare for a cooking class because it's the kind of class that takes up so much of our time from preparing, cooking, and testing our results. 

This was also my favorite time in school. When we made "mocktails" to sell during school fairs. Our drinks were always best-selling. We were always requested to make drinks and participate at the fair.

What made school more enjoyable were the activities that came with it when the University had celebrations. Everyone was encouraged to join and show-off their talents and skills and a lot of the students were always ready.

Acquaintance parties were always the highlight of the start of school. The photo above was the last acquaintance party I've attended during college. It was vintage-themed, thus our outfits. 

It was always good to bond with friends and schoolmates before the stress of school starts. This is where we find new friends and unite with old ones.

The photos above were taken during the KUMBIRA 2013 - Mindanao's Premier Annual Culinary Show and Live Competitions held in Cagayan de Oro City. I joined together with my partner, Ron, the Flower Arrangement Live Competition and bagged home a Diploma Award.

Another exciting thing about school is the opportunity of representing it in competitions outside the school premise. The adrenaline and the excitement is priceless and a lot more beautiful than the award is the experience that you can always remember.

Photos above taken during our Bartending classes. Probably one of the best classes that I've attended. It was always fun and exciting! 

And probably one of the best things in school are classes that you enjoy attending to because they just bring out the fighter in you. It was quite difficult for me to go through my Bartending class because it had to be a bit physical because of the flairtending lessons but it was a very wonderful experience.


There are so many things that I could still say and keep this post going on, but of course that would take a longer time to read. Don't you just miss school? Well, I do.




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