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Writing articles and creating films are two creative ways to express your ideas and point of view. Those blogs and videos are the message. Social media is the carrier, the open door to the rest of the world. That's why I always try to encourage our filmmakers to use social media to promote their movies online. In parallel with the Filmmakers on Social Media blog series, I'm thinking of some new articles, like a Social Media Film Promotion 101, with a series of tips and examples for each social media platform. More about that next week.

Following last week's blog, we received a new director's commentary video and some making ofs... our filmmakers are responding to the "trend"! First Day, one of my personal favorites on Film Annex, has now a version with its director Anderson West's commentary, where he talks about the school they filmed in and the actors, along with personal anecdotes. Ken Turner also added some storyboard vs. final film comparison videos for 3 episodes of his web series Snowboy and Crow, an interesting way to see the amount of work that goes with creating animations.

For the rest of the new content, don't miss Dan McKenzie's new stop motion Winter Attack and We Believe in Shamsia, an interview with an Afghan street artist. This week's new members are Tom Vickers and Liam Dickins, both from Staffordshire University, like several of our filmmakers. Tom Vickers' first video on the platform is a mockumentary about the life of a scarecrow, while you will find a showreel, a music video and a documentary on Liam Dickins' page. A very promising start for our two new Film Annexers.

- Jennifer Bourne

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