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Hi bitsers and the entire bitLanders community! Today's blog is a new line of topic because I have only posted something like this once before and never had created a new one again since then. However, since I have a lot of spare time lately, I finally had the time to write some movie reviews which also means, I have some time watching some movies!

I am starting off with the movie Gifted. I will be watching few more movies in the next days so you better watch out!


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◘ Synopsis ◘

The movie started up with a scene where Mary Adler was questioning her uncle Frank as to why she has to go to school. Mary is a seven year old girl who was left to her uncle after her mother committed suicide. Mary looked like a normal seven year old girl but she is actually exceptional because of her Mathematical gift. She also loves her one eyed cat named Fred.

Though she is still a little girl, she also shows critical thinking and asks questions which are hard to answer but Frank, her uncle do handles her well.

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Their day went on and next scene showed Mary inside her classroom with her teacher and classmates. Her teacher was asking the students about simple math questions and this was super easy for her that she got bored. She then was talking harshly to her teacher and eventually was asked much more harder addition questions but Mary was able to answer them all to the surprise of the teacher. She gave her a multiplication question which seemed very hard that it requires the help of a calculator. She was about to ditch the thought that Mary is specially gifted because it took awhile before the girl gave the answer but eventually she did so she had to meet Frank and ask him if he knows Mary's situation.

The movie escalated to the school principal when Mary hit a 12 year old who bullied her classmate and she came and stood for him. The principal then spoke to her uncle Frank about it and also offered a full scholarship so she can be with the geniuses. But he declined the offer stating that she want Mary to be a kid and have a life.

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Later revelations were given that Mary's mother Diane was also a mathematical genius and was manipulated by her mother. She was focusing herself with solving a specific millennial problem which took a toll on her life. She was able to finish and solve the problem but she didn't publish it. She however had asked her brother Frank to take care of Mary and publish the said solution post mortem or after death, not her death but her mother's.

Since Frank didn't accept the scholarship, the principal asked the girl's grandmother Evelyn Adler about the case. It seemed Evelyn is obsessed with Mathematics. She studied Mathematics and had dreamed to be listed as one of the top names all over the world in solving millennial problems. But for some reasons, she didn't get this done and had channeled this dream to her daughter eventually taking control over her daughter's life.


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Evelyn couldn't get Frank to agree that she'd be taking charge of Mary's life so she brought the case on court against her son.

Frank's lawyer felt that they're losing the case and so offered an agreement that Mary's going to a foster home and he'll be visiting him in certain days instead. Frank thought this is the best deal instead of losing the case and losing Mary eventually. However, this was not a pleasing news to Mary who don't want her uncle to leave her. But he did. This hurt Mary and had spent weeks of not wanting to see Frank during visiting days instead.

As Frank received Fred's photo under the cats for adoption poster from Mary's teacher, he hurriedly went to rescue Fred. He had a notion that Evelyn was behind all these things. He eventually found Mary with her grandmother who were teaching her about certain formula and other Mathematical information.


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Mary was unforgiving at first for what Frank had done but eventually forgave him. Frank spoke to Evelyn about the papers his sister Diane had given him. Evelyn couldn't stand but cry and realized her mistakes and what she had incurred to her daughter.

The movie ended with Mary seen at a University class among the geniuses of not her age, she seemed to be the youngest and it looked like she was fine studying in that university. It looked like Frank did accept the full scholarship offered. But even though she is taking her gift, she also was living a normal life as a kid as she was seen with other kids of her age playing at the playground after school.

End of movie.

◘ Main Movie Cast ◘

Frank Adler


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Portrayed by Chris Evans who was the uncle of Mary Adler and de facto guardian. He is a loving uncle but at the same time very cool towards his niece. He also home schools Mary who shows a remarkable talent in Mathematics.

Frank plays a key role in this movie showing a dramatic side of his character in play with his niece.

Mary Adler


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Played by Mckenna Grace, the Designated Survivor star is the main character in the movie. She is a seven year old girl with exceptional Mathematical talent n the movie. She also owns a one eyed cat she named Fred.

She was left by her mom to her uncle Frank when she was five months old and she was raised by him all her life until her grandmother entered her life. She was witty and very responsive, she is also active and very grumpy at times. She always want to play the piano but was never really elaborated in the movie as to why.

What's remarkable about her in the movie is that she was able to portray nicely the character of a child with this remarkable talent.

Evelyn Adler


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Lindsay Duncan had played as Mary's grandmother. Very strict with a prim and proper. She was also controlling to her daughter, Diane, Mary's mother. This became an issue because this caused Diane not to have a life at all. She had stopped her from seeing guys in their neighborhood and she was also compulsive in terms of the things she wanted.

When she learned that Mary also has the special Mathematical talents, she wanted her to be trained as well and to enter in her life to the extent of going to court. She has then gave Frank and Mary a hard time.

At the end, she got what she wanted which was the answer to Diane's Millennial Question.

Bonnie Stevenson


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Jenny Slate was really effective portraying as a school teacher. She figured Mary is weird after she was able to answer hard mathematical questions from her. She then gave her even more difficult ones during their exams as Mary was first to answer every questionnaires.

Later on the movie, she has become Frank's interest and they had been enjoying each other's company.

Roberta Taylor


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Portrayed by Octavia Spencer, she was Frank's neighbor and Mary's sing along partner. She had this attachment with Frank and Mary because she had been Mary's baby sitter since she was small.

She was also need not in favor with Frank's decision on giving Mary to a foster family.

◘ Movie Review ◘

James and I rarely watch movies and so this is also the reason why I am not into writing movie reviews. Since he brought a couple of HD movies from his colleagues, we thought Friday night is a perfect time to get a little bit emotional.


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I liked the story but it was a bit of "predictional". There were multiple times when James was giving me spoilers although he has not seen this movie yet. I find the scenes very cinematic though but I have to agree that the movie is indeed predictable.

However, this didn't stop me from crying during the confrontation scene where Mary was hating and hitting Frank for not keeping his promise. I admit I tend to cry easily but James didn't show a single sign of emotions.

Anyways, I have to give this movie seven out of ten.

◘ Favorite scene ◘

If there's a scene that I won't forget with this movie, that would be the sunset - silhouette scene. Frank was holding Mary by hand and they were talking about some serious matters in life. The scene was just awesome!


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Mary eventually was able to climb up to her uncles shoulders and it was just a perfect shot, it looked like a father-daughter scene. The golden hour is indeed a perfect time in shooting a dramatic scene. Full of emotions from both the actors as well as with nature.

The story also features the one eyed pet cat of Mary. Are you also a person who loves cats and other pets? If yes, kindly check the Querlo chat below:

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