My Idea Of Perfect College Part ( 1 )

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Today Education is very important for boys and girls especially in this era. For proper and higher education there must be good colleges and universities and also schools. Schools are the main factors because it helps in the well fair of a child. Today in Pakistan education and we can say that higher education is very important for the survival of a family. After School life boys and girls are step up, here the meaning of step up is being mature. In other words I can say that the Boys and Girls Becomes little bit mature. In this regard colleges teacher plays an important role in the well being of there students. All Colleges have some faults, there are a lot of colleges in Pakistan, but there is a limited best college in the Pakistan. All Students want to have a very perfect college. I also want to read in a perfect college. Here in this topic which I have chosen I describe about the ideal college. I hope especially students make full advantage of my blog.  In this topic or blog I also describe about

The proper building,

Number Of students,

Best Teachers,




 And most important,


Proper Building:

                First of all I will describe about the building of a good, perfect and excellent college. Visiting in a good college or an ideal college you should have in a mind that college have good, perfect and comfortable building, which suit the students.  In Ideal College have a proper building.


It has a sufficient number of rooms where students can sit and also the most important is that student can study easily. The rooms of the colleges are wide, and well developed. There are all the facilities in the rooms which students need for example good chair and desks and good white board or clack board, proper multimedia for the lectures.  There are also Electric fans and for winter there are also heaters for the students in all the rooms.

Number of Students in the College:

                                In second I would like to define the number of students in the colleges. Some colleges I have visited there are so many students in the class. In ideal college admits only many students as can study well. If a large number of students are admitted more rooms for them are required. New teacher are employed by the college and classes are held in two shifts, first shift is morning shift and second is evening shit. I would like to prefer the morning shift because in morning shift students comes with the fresh mind in the college, and it can study well as compared to the evening shift. The classes in an ideal college are not over crowded.

Best Teachers in college:

                In ideal College there is a good stuff of teacher. In an ideal college in one where the best teacher work. The teacher also goes on improving their Knowledge. In an ideal college the teachers and Principle are very kind to the students. They Treat the Students with love like mother and father. They try to know about the difficulties of the students whether he is she or he, the meaning of the she and he is whether is male or female. Then they also have to work them on the difficulties of the students. And students also try to removes the difficulties. And should omit these difficulties. The teacher Punish the students only when the teacher thinks it is necessary for the students. Best teacher helps the students in there work, and also students realize that teacher is sincere with me. Some students are very naughty in this regard the best teacher should give lectures to the students, about the sincerity.

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