National Cotton Candy Day

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Today, December 7th, is National Cotton Candy Day.

Cotton candy, which is also known as candyfloss and fairy floss, is a spun sugar confection.

Even though it is made from sugar, there is very little actual sugar in the finished item, as its' major constituent is air.

The first known cotton candy originated in 18th century Europe, and was made by hand, making it very expensive. In 1897 the first machine spun cotton candy was made.

In the machines a small amount of coloured sugar, or separate sugar and colouring, is heated and then squeezed out through a spinning head. The threads of the candy are collected inside a bowl surrounding the spinning head, and build up until they are removed using a stick or some other item.

The candyfloss will turn into a more solid item if left to stand for some time.

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