Natural resources

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natural resources means that all the resources which can be in this world for the human being and the human being full fill there need from these resources the earth in which we live can be gifted by God for many resources some resources can be easily found in this earth but some are hidden which can not be easily God give the human being brain that he can thing from him brain and sort out all the resources so that this universe can give advantage from the earth

                                                                                                                                                      the earth has the different quality  it can have different resources some contain minerals,some have lot of forest some has water etc some earth is barren and some of them is fertile these are all the god gifted qualities there is lack of mobility you can not transfer your earth from one place to another

                                                                                                                            God created many thing in this earth if one thing is dangerous in this earth his cure is also present in this world the soil of this earth has all the minerals that we can needed we can get gold ,silver ,gas,oil ,coal ,and many other thing from this world if we use these resources in well manner then we will get advantage from this earth which is fill with the natural resources



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