On This Date In Sasketch Show History

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On this date in Sasketch Show history: 

One year ago the gang released their third sketch of the first season of Sasketch Show entitled, 'Getting Serious'. A bit of trivia that you may not know, they actually shot it twice. The first one was filmed on December 28th, 2012, a Friday. Once it was brought into the editing room they decided that it didn't work so they gathered up the gear and reshot it Monday December 31st. If you watch the Season one gag reel , you'll see some of the shots from that first day. When they went back on that Monday, they used a different room that allowed a little more freedom for movement, which turned out to be key from a dramatic perspective in the film. There was also an alternate ending that was shot. It had Joe in a parking garage and when he clicked on his alarm the clown horn sounded. It was kind of a murderous type ending. I don't know what happened to that. It may have been lost forever in the great hard drive crash of October 2013.

Anyhow, here it is-

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