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                                                   "part 3 "

Do you see why Satan is our enemy?

He thinks that he has to burn in hell forever because of us, Adams children. Actually he has to go to hell because he did not obey Allah because of his pride.

But he does not understand this, he now takes man to be his greatest enemy and want to take us too hell with him.\

Satan thinks “why should I burn alone in hell?  I will take as many people to hell with me as possible. And the only way to take them to hell is to make them do the same thing which I did. They too must disobey Allah. They must not bow to him. I will make them bow to each other and to stones, trees graves, sun and moon. That will be great fun and a big joke.

I did not bow to man but I will make man bow to other men or statues of men, stones and animals. I will take my sweet revenge. But, men are intelligent. They will never do bad things if I tell them to do so directly and openly. I have to be careful.

I have to trick them into doing evils. I have to hide and wait for them. I will attack them indirectly from front and behind, right and lift, in their brain and heart, in their thoughts and even in their blood. Whenever they get up to do a good thing, I will make them lazy, sleepy and comfort  loving


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