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Oye Hoye Chips – A Product That Is Taking Over Lays

Oye Hoye Chips comes up as a new addition to the Food products in the market. With its delightful taste, crispy crunch and amazing aroma “Oye Hoye” Chips has gained an immense popularity in such a short period of time.

Oye Hoye Chips was launched on the 25th of February, 2016 and has suddenly gained fame. The new snack has six delicious and diverse flavors; Salt, Barbeque, Tomato, Salt & Pepper, Masala and Cheese and has been specifically manufactured to appeal to the diverse palate and need for convenience of Pakistan’s growing youth.

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Source: United Snacks

The markets that were once filled with bundles of packs of Lays chips, and with the public of the general opinion that Lays is it and there won’t be a shift in the trend, is all now a thing of the past. When I visited the market today I found the shops to seem too small for the OyeHoye chips that were all over the shops, about 1000 brand new packs of OyeHoye chips in each shop.

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Launch Date:

OyeHoye was launched on the 25th of February, 2016 by United Snacks. Since its launch OyeHoye has also sponsored a team in the Pakistan Super League and has left an impact on the minds too.

OyeHoye comes in with the catchphrase”Taste Of Carefree Days“.

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OyeHoye chips has also completely explained its process of how it selects, manufactures and brings up the final product, so as to have no issues regarding its hygienic conditions.

United Snacks (OyeHoye) selects the best quality potatoes from all over the world and stores them in the best possible ways. These potatoes are then passed through a whole lot of processes that include cleaning, slicing, rinsing, de-watering, frying, de-oiling and seasoning. Then flavors of best quality are selected from across the world and added to the chips. The chips are then packed with machines.

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United Snacks also ensures that their machines work fine and are clean. They keep a complete record of the color, moisture content and temperature maintained during the production of these delightful potato chips.

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Source: United Snacks

So what are you waiting for then? 

Double up the pleasure of being young and treat your taste buds to the crunchy and flavorsome “Oye Hoye”. The delish chips will add the perfect zing to your carefree moments. With Oye Hoye’s handpicked potatoes, finely sliced and sprinkled with unique flavors, you are bound to say “Oye Hoye” with every bite!
See them on their Facebook page : Oye Hoye Chips Facebook Page


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