Pakistan Music Stars

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Pakistan Music Stars
Every Sunday ARY DIGITAL aired the music show named as “Pakistan Music Stars”.

This show was a platform for providing opportunity to those talented youngsters who have the God gifted heart touching voices to prove their talent.

There were six teams in the show the six talented stars of Pakistan music industry were the captain of those teams and each captain had 4 local singers as member of their team. Every captain along with the team had played the five round matches. Top four teams performed in semi final and two top most teams in grand finale.

Host: Nouman javed

Nouman Javed hosted “Pakistan Music Stars”. He is an actor, singer and a very good musician too.

Co-host: Anoushey Ashraf:
She is co-host with Nouman Javed in the “Pakistan Music Stars”. Anoushey Ashraf has a very style personality. She is a well know actor, model and a fashion designer also.


Judgment is compulsory for every competition. Total six judges were there in “Pakistan Music Stars”. In each episode only four judged the episode and rest of two led their teams as team captain.

The following are judges from the Pakistan music industry.

1. Fariha pervaiz:

Now-a-days Fariha Pervaiz is the most popular female singer of Pakistan music industry. She has singing abilities in classical, semi-classical, folk, ghazal and pop music.

2. Rahim Shah:

Rahim Shah is a Pakhtoon belongs to Swat and now-a-days settled in Karachi. He is a pop singer and sings in Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi. He got fame by song “GHAM”.

3. Fakhir Mehmood:


Fakhir Mehmood is a well known singer of Pakistan. He is also a musician. He was the member of musical band “Awaz”.

4. Rameez Mukhtaar:


He is a singer and vocalist. He is the member of musical band Fuzon. He has the specialty in rock music with Sufi touch.

5. Haroon Rashid:

A well known Pakistani singer, musician and composer Haroon whose full name is Aaron Haroon rashid. He formed the music band “Awaz” in 1993.

6. Shiraz Uppal:

Shiraz Uppal is a rock and pop singer. He is also a music producer and composer. Allah gifted him with a heart taking voice.

For the selection of participants in the Pakistan Music Stars hundreds of youngsters were auditioned in July 2011 and only twenty six got the chance to participate in the show. Out of those only twenty four luckiest were selected by judges and two were returned to their homes.

Segments of show:

There were four segments in the show in which the teams competed to get the maximum scores.

1. Ikkay Pe Ikka:

The requirements of this segment was that one local singer from the both team had to perform two songs. By voting from one to ten their performance was judged by audience and judges.

2. Aar Ya Par:

In the segment of Aar Ya Par duet performance of one member from each team was judged individually by audience and judges.

3. Awaz Ka Jadoo:

To demonstrate the talent one member from both teams perform a song. Judges and audience gave them points according to their performance.

4. Zara Hat Kay:

In this segment each team captain along with his/her team performed medley and audience had the right to judge the best performance.

Teams of Pakistan Music Stars:                

Participating teams of the show were as follows:

1. Fariha Kay Surilay


Abdul Qadir, Waqas Azeem, Amjad Warsi, Ali Raza

2. Haroon Kay Matwaly



Anmol, Wajih Uddin, Faraz Ali, Ahmer Abbas

3. Rahim Kay Joshilay


Hina Makhani, Ali Asad, Ali Raza, Shaz Khan

4. Rameez Kay Deewanay


Humaira, Komail Abbas, Abdul Basit, Latif Ali

5. Fakhir Kay Janbaz



Rose Merry, Muhammad Raheel, Rafeh Ali, Nouman Shafi

6. Shiraz Kay Manchalay


Ghazal, Azeem, Kashif, Tauqeer Tahir

Semi Finales:

The winner team of first semi final is Haroon kay Matwaly and winner of second semi final is Rahim kay Joshilay

Grand Finale:
Grand finale was played between the talented team of Haroon k Matwaly and Rahim k Joshilay. Both team captain and their teams worked hard for grand finale.

Winner Team:

Both teams played very well and gave their best performances. The winner team of “Pakistan Music Stars” is Rahim Kay Joshilay and they got the title of

“The Ultimate Pop Sensation”

All images and videos sources from google and youtube



I liked this show very much.The programme is very good effort. The other T.V shows like this should be arranged for giving oppurtunites to the young talent to prove their selves.

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