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For elevating the current decline of education in Pakistan the other most crucial step could be focusing the higher education which; in this age of globalization’plays an important role in making an economy knowledge-based .It works as a driving force in the development process of a country and brings intellectual capital and technological changes ,making economy more competitive and innovative by reshaping human capital with better skills and expertise.’Higher Education Commission’ is an autonomous body to provide inter-universities cooperation and coordination.

It is not a good sign that due to continued financial vulnerabilities,the govt. has reduced development budget to Rs.9.2 billion in 2010-2011 compared to Rs.11.3 billion in 2009-2010 (Source :Economic survey 2010-2011) .The development budget for education should be increased especially for higher education which is a major source of development of Pakistan.In this regard education policy 2009 is an important factor. The govt.of Pakistan must make the New Education Policy (NEP) 2009 effective.This policy calls for an increased access to higher education for the youth of age group between 17-23 years from the exciting 5% to 10 % by the year 2015 .It is a major challenge for the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and would require continuous support and generous funding from the federal govt. in the upcoming years.

During 2009-2010 ,there were 868,641 students studying in the universities .This is a satisfactory figure but the new education policy 2009 should be made practical removing all the impediments of the way.The govt.must ensure that whatever the measures have been laid in the policy are effectively implemented in the whole education system of the country as only the paper work does not produce results ,for this purpose ,a highly skilled work force will be required to meet the required ends and overcome these problems to make a good progress in education sector.

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