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A country can only be successful and developed when  its government is much efficient . Each and every bit of a country can be improved if the government of a country pays full attention and put effort on it. But from last 10 years Pakistan is continuously facing bad condition. People elect wrong people  and then they simply sit idle and consume all the money in their own luxuries which is basically public's money which is to be used for public welfare or for the betterment of country.





And we public can not do anything because we have elected those politicians by our self. There is another bad thing which is cheating and fake votes in elections. Each and every politician wants to win so he/she uses wrong ways to win.



Poling stations are captured and all the people are forced to give vote to a particular politician. Some times they themselves put fake votes in the ballet boxes. So when wrong people are elected as a government, then they ruin everything .




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